GOV.UK has a new logo that features the shape of the chosen crown of King Charles III. Read More

Free the Birds, a design firm who specializes in health and beauty brands, has a new identity that reflects its core value, “Beautiful Thinking.” Read More

The UK business watchdog organization Raid used to have an identity that was little more than its name spelled out in all caps. Its old logo said very little about the group’s tenacious work or its strapline, “Holding business to account. Standing up for human rights.” Read More

Wildfowl & Wetland’s Trust (WWT) has been protecting wetlands and their residents since 1946 when the organization was founded by Sir Peter Scott. Scott also created many illustrations of wetland birds, but his much-loved drawing of two Bewick swans taking flight had formed the core of WWT’s identity until recently, when design agency GOOD helped create a new plan. Read More

Iittala’s roots go back to 1881 when a glass factory was established in Iittala, Finland. The company was later moved to Sweden, where it became known for pushing the boundaries of glass-making that provided both beauty and function. Read More

In 2023, four museums in the Netherlands—Tropenmuseum, Africa Museum, Museum Volkenkunde, and Wereldmuseum—merged under one name to become Wereldmuseum. Read More

Not many logos have the power to inspire thousands of people over many years to tattoo its likeness on their bodies. Read More

Wolff Olin’s new branding for the New York Botanical Garden embraces both the organic chaos of nature and the inherent structure of a garden. Read More

Uber has transformed from being simply a ride-request service to today thriving as a “full mobility brand” that includes food delivery, freight transport, and even AI research. Jones Knowles Ritchie took on the challenge of updating Uber’s identity so that it reflected this growth. Read More

About 20 percent of the world’s population is neurodivergent. “The Hidden 20%” is a new weekly podcast that showcases the potential and contribution of neurodivergent people. Read More

Design agency Reslabel has created a highly distinctive promotional campaign and identity for the group that sparks interest in people who may never have considered listening to historical music. Read More

Pearlfisher has created a new identity for Thistle, a plant-based meal delivery service founded in 2013. The new logo has much more personality than the company’s previous black dot-design, plus it communicates growth and plants. Read More

Pentagram has created an identity for The Book of Kells Experience, which annually  allows more than a million visitors to view the book in person. Read More

The name of the Swedish hotel Ett Hem translates to “a home.” Studio Firth has managed all aspects of the hotel’s visual identity since 2010, all the while keeping “home” at the center of its concept. Read More

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