As reported here earlier this year, the city of Oslo, Norway, consulted with customer experience agency Creuna to whittle down the number of city government/agency-related logos from over 250 to just 1. In addition to greatly simplifying and strengthening the city's identity, the plan will save citizens at least $5 million each year. Read More

It took eight years, but the refreshed identity Pentagram partner Paula Scher created for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation has now been implemented in almost all of the city's parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities. Read More

The Scottish Police Federation has a new identity that underlines its heritage, the solid and sober nature of its work, and dedication to service. Read More

Three examples of organizations that have decided to embrace what consumers already have. Read More

Facebook's new digital currency, Libra, and its subsidiary, Calibra, are being roundly condemned for releasing a new logo that is uncannily similar to that of Current, a company that is also involved in the digital financial world. Even worse, both identities were allegedly created by the same design firm. Read More

Warner Bros. Records was founded in 1958 as a division of Warner Bros. Pictures. It was eventually acquired by Time Warner, which sold the music company to a group of investors in 2004 with the understanding that the Warner Bros. name and logo could be used for 15 years. Read More

Hillrom is a global medical technology company that includes in its stables such notable medical suppliers as Welch Allyn, Aspen Surgical, Allen Medical, and Voalte. Its products provide advanced medical solutions that diagnose, treat, and protect patients. Read More

Another year older, but the logo design industry shows no signs of old age. Like an unruly kid ripping through a stack of unopened presents, I eagerly dive into each annual report knowing an experience awaits. Sometimes it's the gratification of what I'd hoped for, and the delightful surprise of unanticipated genius. Occasionally, it's more analogous to underwear and socks, and I encounter the mundane or, rarely, the disappointing. Nevertheless, it's evidence of industry vitality, and it's all a gift. Read More

I sat down with Bill Gardner to speak with him on his time at the 2019 Print Business Outlook Conference in India. Read More

China Airlines is using a special commemorative logo to celebrate its 60th anniversary and United Airlines officials show off their new livery. Read More

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