Collins and R/GA have partnered with Mailchimp’s inhouse brand team to update the email marketing platform’s identity. Read More

Lippincott has created a new identity for DuPont, a company long-embroiled in lawsuits and accusations for producing and selling pesticides that may be unsafe for children and chemicals that are unsafe for everyone. Read More

In an effort to reintroduce itself to the public, as well as to newly emerging and non-traditional companies that work on very different media platforms, the Ad Council has a new identity, courtesy of Superunion. Read More

Weight Watchers has slimmed down to WW, reflecting a change in mission to focus on general health rather than just scale-watching. Read More

For September, we decided to shake things up by featuring not only a designer to watch but also one of our most active Leap members, Scott W. Santoro, who teaches design at the Pratt Institute in New York. Read More

Fashion brands are all about trends, and redesigning one’s identity seems to be all the current rage. The latest crossover is Celine. Read More

Mother Design has created a new identity for retailer Debenhams that is meant to rekindle in consumers the enjoyment of the in-person shopping experience. Read More

The yellow-and-black color scheme of The Playbill is familiar to theater fans, but since the publication’s founding in the 1930s, it has enjoyed a readily adaptable identity. Read More

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