As reported nearly everywhere, the fashion brand Burberry has a new identity, created in four short weeks by Peter Saville. Read More

Syme’s book, Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, provides descriptive color names as well as where the colors could be found in nature. Read More

Mozilla has shared two potential design system approaches to reinventing Firefox’s identity, and the company wants your input in selecting which direction to pursue. Read More

Quick news from the world of design, brought to you by Read More

Creating an identity for a client that is enigmatically named 86 400, especially when it is a new ilk of bank that potential customers do not yet know, understand, or trust, could be a real summons for any designer... Read More

Protean, a developer of in-wheel electric drive systems, has a new identity that has finally caught up with the company’s technology, courtesy of Carter Wong. Read More

This month’s designer to take “Center Stage” is the mega-talented, ultra-modern, freelance design superstar, Yossi Belkin. Read More

The design firm Commission has built a new identity for FranklinTill, using a block-style reminiscent of the old logo but instead turning it into a color swatch so familiar to FranklinTill and its customers. Read More

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