With so many dairy alternatives now crowding grocery shelves, the addition of yet another might not merit a second look. Read More

Neighborhood Now is a collaborative initiative from the Urban Design Forum and the Van Alen Institute, both of which work with New York City communities on how to reopen safely in an ongoing Covid environment. Read More

The Design Nation Conference was founded to bridge the gap between the growing awareness in design and lack of design education in colleges nationwide, as well as address a lack of new and diverse perspectives in the field. Read More

7-Eleven Sweden has cozied up to its customers in a remarkable new way: the company is selling pajamas that carry its signature white, green, and orange colors. Read More

What to have for dinner has always been the eternal question, but for those who have been doing take-out for months, it has turned into the infernal question. Read More

Created for cooking on the go, Moja Cooking Kits carry energetic black-and-white branding that easily communicates the nature of each spice in the kit. Read More

Relish is a brand that creates themed puzzles and paint sets for people with dementia. In the past, its products were used primarily in care homes to help patients stay engaged and positive. Read More

Renault has a joined the traffic jam of car manufacturers that has recently introduced a new identity to recognize its commitment to the electric vehicle market. Read More

Is debranding the new branding? Or is debranding even a thing? None of the case studies shared in this expansive Bloomberg editorial will be news to LogoLounge readers. Read More

Founded in 1995, Match.com was one of the very first dating sites. Today, there are many similar sites that help people find all sorts of relationships, from simple friendships and hook-ups to religious matches or group-meets. Read More

Crystal manufacturer Swarovski has literally set its signature swan in a new direction, symbolizing a new direction for the company’s business and creative focus. Read More

McDonald’s has introduced an illustration-heavy redesign of its food packaging system, compliments of Pearlfisher. Read More

Amazon’s new app icon, introduced just this past January, was not received well by all customers. To some, the serrated blue tape suggested a moustache that suggested the face of a certain Nazi menace. Read More

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