The transformation of a massive manufacturing building into a combination storefront and creative/tech office space required a rebrand that could bridge past and present. Read More

In a Transform essay, MassiveMusic creative director Johanna Cranitch explains how the human voice can be a very effective part of a sonic branding system, especially in a post-quarantine world where people have been starved for human connections. Read More

Dreamworks has re-animated its familiar boy-in-the-moon logo and have sent him sailing past characters and scenes from some of the animation studio’s most famous movies. Read More

Can branding make death and the emotions that surround it easier on the people it leaves behind? Creative agency Lovers helped Poppy’s, a funeral company with a distinctively modern approach, to do just that. Read More

The Rhode Island School of Design has a new, more unified brand identity system, created by design firm Gretel. The most noticeable aspect of the new system is a “complete and incomplete” display face (RISD Serif) that was inspired by process of design work: work is always in flux, in process. Read More

Working with Havas New York over the past year, the American Cancer Society has modernized its brand with a full refresh that includes a new logo, typeface, colors, and tagline. The goal is to move away from simply stating what the society does: instead, the new branding shares stories that illustrate the impact it makes. Read More

Uber-owned Drizly is celebrating a decade in business with a brand refresh, completed by design firm Red Antler and media experts Party Land. Read More

• A passport might not automatically be thought of a branding tool, but Switzerland’s newly redesigned passport—created by Retinaa SA—is so beautiful and information-rich that it could easily become a point of national pride. Read More

In order to re-introduce plant-based cheese brand Honestly Tasty, design firm Baggi used a charming “cheese cue”: it turned the letter A in Tasty into a wedge of cheese. Read More

Life insurance is neither fun nor, for most people, comprehensible. It hints at bad things in the future that no one wants to think about. Read More

Innom presents a new convenience store experience to Oslo shoppers. The store name translates to “drop in,” which is exactly what urban customers will do, but not to just grab a pre-bagged snack. Instead, the can squeeze their own fruit juice, serve themselves something fresh from the bakery, grab their own slice of pizza, or select just the amount of fresh produce they want. Read More

When you land a new client who is an extremely creative celebrity chef, you know it’s going to be a fun day. Independent designer Lauren Griffin enjoyed just such an experience when she created a new logotype for Christian Petroni and his new company, Gabagool Media. Gabagool is Italian-American slang for capicola Read More

SodaStream has a new logo and identity, created by design firm Pearlfisher. SodaStream is a maker of a beverage-carbonation machine that helps consumers create fizzy drinks at home. Read More

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