Quick Reads

• GOV.UK has a new logo that features the shape of the chosen crown of King Charles III.

When Charles acceded to the throne last year, he chose the Tudor crown as part of his Royal Cypher. The Tudor crown has a more domed shape (bottom example). Queen Elizabeth II used the St. Edward’s crown (top example).




• Sonic branding is not new, but its sophistication is booming. Rather than owning a simple three-second sonic logo or single tone, brands now are developing entire portfolios of sounds, as explained in this WPP article.


An excerpt: “There are mnemonic sounds which help consumers remember a brand through a very short sound: the sonic logo. Even shorter sonic elements can be used to accompany UX/UI experiences, such as a WhatsApp notification. Then there are very long sounds used, for example, when entering an airline lounge. Then there are all the different sounds used across digital channels and linear TV. All these sounds will require very different formats.”



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