What resolution should my art be when uploaded?

Files should be 72-ppi and 900px x 900px square. They also must be in RGB format, not CMYK format, or they will show up as broken links. If your work is selected for a book, we will contact you for higher resolution art.

Do I really need to provide keywords and other information for every entry?

Yes. Use your computer's auto-fill capability, and the job is a snap. Without keywords, it is unlikely that your work will ever be accessed on the site: Other members simply can't find it.

How do I update or change my contact information?

Go to Account and make your changes there. E-mail is the only vehicle we have to contact you, so do keep your information up-to-date.

What logos are eligible for uploading?

There are no time constraints on when a logo was created for it to be uploaded to the website. Also, logos do not have to have been chosen by the client or in use to be eligible.

Can I remove a logo from the site?

When you upload a logo, you have 48 hours past that point to remove it. Just go to Manage Logos and click Delete for that design. Past that point, the logo becomes part of the LogoLounge database. Since this database is used for research by many people, removing work hobbles the system, creating broken links and other problems. Think of the site like a book that you constantly reference: You wouldn't want to open it up one day and find that entire pages are missing.

Questions about LogoLounge Books

How do I get my work in an upcoming LogoLounge book?

It's simple: Become a LogoLounge member, and your work will be considered for a future book. Becoming a LogoLounge member also means you become a member of a larger community of designers who, like you, are vitally interested in logo design, its history and future. In addition, you receive the full functionality of the site, including enhanced search powers, a personal lightbox, and rating and commenting capabilities.

How do you select the firms you feature in the books?

The projects in the book are selected for their quality, timeliness, and relevance, and inspirational nature. We aim to form an effective mix of large and smaller firms, geographies, budgets, and client types.

How would I know if my work is selected for a book?

When judging for a particular book is finished, a blanket e-mail is sent out to all LogoLounge members. If your work is selected for that book, you will be notified by a separate e-mail, asked to send higher-resolution work and complete a grant-of-rights form.

When should I upload my work?

In a word, now. Collection for new books is always ongoing, but submitting your work now puts it at the top of the stack when it is considered by our judges. Even if you cannot submit everything you wish to immediately, upload what you can now.

When do new books come out?

The LogoLounge book series releases a new edition about every 1 1/2 years.

How do I purchase a book?

All LogoLounge books are available on Amazon.com. Check out our book list on our books page.