LogoLounge is a replacement for both purchasing books and collecting logos into a project (historically done by flagging book pages or cutting out logos and storing them somewhere). This is done through both the Search as well as the Collection functions.

Global Competition

LogoLounge is a global competition where your work could be included (featured, printed) in the next LogoLounge Book which is published both digitally and in print. Your design and profile (contact information) is included in the publication which is sent to tens of thousands of designers and companies all over the world!


LogoLounge is a community of identity designers where you can rub elbows with fresh designers or world-reknown designers, and discuss thoughts, trends, likes and dislikes, and keep up with the designs from around the world.

Free PDF LogoLounge Book

Download the latest version of the bestselling LogoLounge book series as a member of LogoLounge! Each book in the series features the leading edge of identity design with designers from around the world! The books are perfectly organized into unique visual categories and there are several case studies to help you in your projects, or for inspiration!

$100 per year.

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