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    Take control of your logo research! No offense, Google, but your image results have nothing on the most extensive logo search engine on the planet.

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    Upload your own logos. Why? Date stamp your work. Influence the future of our industry. Who are we kidding … make other designers admit, “damn, I wish I’d done that."

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    Enter to compete in a seriously competitive competition simply by uploading logos. And for no additional fees! Oh yes we did.

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    Capture brilliance for future reference. Make collections from designs that catch your eye. And see when other members fancy your designs.

  • Analyze

    So you’re a creative who loves data. That’s OK! We love it too, which is why we share bits of it, and make it easy to generate your own.

  • Rub Elbows

    Your favorite designers are here. Talk to them. Ask them questions. Learn from them. But no stalking. Because no one likes that.

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