Turner Duckworth’s rebrand of Crumbl cookie brand showed the brand’s previous mascot, the bakerman, to the door and ushered in a whole new cast of characters that populate the “Crumblverse.” Read More

Design firm Order has rebranded Herman Miller, which continues to exist as a division of MillerKnoll with its partner and sub-brand Knoll. Read More

Pet product company Omlet takes a different direction than its competitors: instead of projecting human preferences onto its products, it prioritizes what pets prefer, be it in design, flavor, or use. Read More

Kirkland Urban, a mixed-use development northeast of Seattle, has a new identity created by design agency People People. Read More

DesignStudio’s rebrand of hotel price comparison website Trivago was guided the strapline, “Search savvy. Feel super.” The client’s new logo graphically expresses those words. Read More

The goal of OMSE’s new branding for Black Bee Honey is to “free the bee” and stress the benefits of wild, unadulterated, and completely natural honey. Read More

Bettr Coffee is a brand that encourages its partners, employers, and customers to make socially and environmentally responsible decisions, but it also acknowledges that no one is perfect. Read More

Despite a founding date in 1868, British publishing house Hodder & Stoughton has apparently long suffered from an identity problem: the public doesn’t know how to pronounce its name. Read More

The Brand Agency created a new identity for the group that celebrates how individual differences can come together to create a more beautiful and powerful whole. Read More

Design Week magazine editors share their votes for the 10 most significant branding projects from 2023. Read More

Creative music and sound design agency Molecular Sound worked closely with the Royal National Institute for Blind People to develop an RNIB sonic logo that blind and visually impaired people—as well as the wider general public—could appreciate. Read More

Uniting the US under a single 250th anniversary logo as well as possibly working in the word “semiquincentennial” feels like an unenviable challenge. Read More

Jones Knowles Ritchie has collaborated with Coca-Cola to create the client’s retro-inspired 2023 holiday campaign. Read More

“Fanta was one of the [Coca-Cola brands] that felt like it had gotten dusty and had been a bit forgotten about,” Smith says in this Marketing Brew article. Read More

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