In the States, AAA is synonymous with roadside assistance. In the UK, it’s The AA. Elmwood has created a new identity for the nearly 100-year-old company, which is quickly moving into supporting newer technologies, including electric vehicles, as well as auto insurance and financing. Read More

The Kraft Heinz corporation houses a number of nostalgia brands such as Shake ‘n Bake, Kraft Mac and Cheese, and Oscar Meyer hot dogs. Read More

Elon Musk has banned the bird and replaced it with an X as the new logo for Twitter. Then he launched a crowd-sourced search for additional design ideas. Read More

Koto’s new identity for job-search platform Glassdoor is built on the client’s simple position statement, “Real work talk.” The designers’ took “talk” literally and surrounded a redesigned wordmark with single quotes. Read More

Pentagram and Nomad have created a new identity for London’s Natural History Museum that abandons the notion that a museum is simply a building that stores interesting items. Read More

Earthed is an online nature skills platform that offers expert-led courses on topics that range from growing your own food to river restoration. Read More

Claire’s has been known for decades as much for cheap fun-fashion accessories as it is for in-store ear-piercing. Read More

Ho Chi Minh branding studio M — N has rebranded raw pet food company HiRaw!, based on the client’s strapline, “Deliciously Raw for All.” Read More

OnHand is an app that helps businesses connect their employees with empowering volunteer opportunities. Fiasco Design created the new identity for OnHand, built on the strapline, “Mini missions that matter to you.” Read More

When the in-house design team at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art learned that some visitors perceived the institution as elitist, they developed a new identity that is far more democratic and welcoming. Read More

Threads’ ambiguous new logo looks like the @ symbol, but it's coiled design gives that familiar symbol a new twist. Its freehand nature makes it feel friendly and human. But what does it actually mean or represent? Read More

Magpie Studio has rebranded Woven restaurant—now called Woven by Adam Smith—to bring it line with the interiors of the luxury hotel in which it is housed. Read More

Does Adobe have a new logo or doesn’t it? A recent Fast Company article reports that a new and definitely improved design that is being used to promote Adobe’s new generative AI apps has been called a “wordmark” by in-house brand managers, but they say it’s not a new logo. Read More

To celebrate its 50th year of operation, Scotland’s public housing organization, Trust Housing Association, has a new brand identity. Today, Trust is a social landlord with over 3,600 homes across Scotland made available at lower prices. Read More

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