The Knot, a wedding planning app that has reportedly helped more than 25 million couples since its launch in 1996, has a new logo created by Pentagram. Read More

Andrew Lloyd Webber's theater group—now called LW Theatres—has a new umbrella brand and Whistlejacket has created two separate identities for Comic Relief and Red Nose Day. Read More

Pentagram has created a refreshed identity for Rolls-Royce which modernizes the brand while keeping it firmly attached to its heritage. Read More

Gulf Oil has released a refreshed retail identity with brighter brand colors, a modified wordmark, and a glow that has been added to the design's interior. Read More

Landor has coordinated the chaotic brand message that Kellogg's cereals previously conveyed in the European market and a flavor “mandala” is at the center of new packaging created for English Tea Shop by design firm Echo. Read More

The designer who created the new Burberry logo explains its evolution and a smokestack finds its way into a logo from Lansing, Michigan Read More

As part of its new wordless identity system, Mastercard has introduced a “sonic identity” that will be used in a more deliberate way. Read More

WPP’s merger of J. Walter Thompson and Wunderman means joining the forces of about 20,000 employees in 200 locations. Read More

Already well-known for its incessant television marketing, QVC has redesigned its identity—with the help of design agency Moxie—to better connect with its expanding online digital marketing efforts. Read More

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