The royal cypher of King Charles III has been released. It was designed by the College of Arms, which was founded in 1484 and creates and maintains official coats of arms. Read More

&Walsh has created a new identity for Vienna-based private bank Kathrein Privatbank that highlights personalized service for clients. Read More

Pentagram partner Eddie Opara provided an insightful afterword to the new anthology, “The Black Experience in Design: Identity, Expression and Reflection.” You can read the full essay, titled, “Design is Spiritual,” at the link below. Read More

If you are confused or conflicted about how brand identity and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can work together, subscribe to the AdAge NFT blog, a regularly updated list of how marketers are using NFTs to support their brand messaging. Just this week, articles on Starbucks, Gamestop, NBA, Johnnie Walker, Gap, Nissan, and M&Ms were posted. (Art courtesy of Verizon.) Read More

Australian spend-management platform Divipay has rebranded as Weel with the help of Re (part of R&S Saatchi). Weel describes itself as “an all-in-one virtual business card and expense management platform that enables finance teams to better manage, control and streamline spending across their organization.” Read More

Wolff Olins’ new wordmark for the Leeum Museum of Art in Seoul spirals and scans to represent the always-changing world of art. Read More

The inhouse creative team at Skoda has updated the Czech carmaker’s brand for the first time in 30 years. Like many logos of late, the familiar winged arrow mark has been flattened for better digital and print reproduction. The system will include two shades of green—emerald and electric green—to express both the history of the brand and its future in electric vehicles. Read More

Girl Scouting and Girl Guides rebranded in the UK in 2019. Now the Girl Scouts of the USA has implemented its brand refresh. Back in 2019, Collins began working with the Girl Scouts. The now 100-plus-year-old organization has long been part of women’s and civil rights movements, and the design team was tasked to create a renewed brand that showed that the organization was still a “hopeful cultural force” that would remain relevant in the lives of young women into the future. Read More

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. There are 17 goals, and those 17 principles are represented in a circular logo formed by 17 color wedges. That logo has become almost ubiquitous in Japan, where governmental and social service agencies have turned the mark into education, games, fashion, and more. Read More

Triple Co Roast is an open-access specialty coffee roaster in Bristol, England. Its mission is to roast high-quality beans, sourced through direct and fair trade with bean farmers, while focusing on roaster-to-customer relations. The three-fold mission statement inspired the company name. Read More

Fashion retailer Very wanted to expand beyond its mostly female audience, but in creating a rebrand with the help of creative agency Someone, it also discovered that it needed a more legible online brand. With 82 percent of sales coming from mobile devices, it was clear a simpler, more readable wordmark was needed. Read More

When Starbucks left Russia, the chain’s storefronts did not remain empty for long. “Stars Coffee” moved right in. Read More

Most board game players associate the iconic game Risk with the Napoleonic wars, but the game has seen many theme variations in its 60-plus years of life, including Castle Rock, Lord of the Rings, Rise of Empires, Nuclear Devastation Risk, and Zombie Hordes, just to name a few. Read More

Kick It Out, an organization that fights against discrimination of all kinds in UK football, launched a new identity this summer. It was created by Sky Creative, part of the Sky Sports family. Read More

Brighton & Howe is the only city in the UK that has an ampersand in its name. Design firm Baxter & Bailey took advantage of this unique attribute in a new identity for Brighton & Howe Museums. The client’s new logo is an ampersand made from six differently colored segments. Read More

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