The Chicago office of Landor-Fitch has created a new brand identity for the Alliance for Period Supplies, which aids people who menstruate but who do not have sufficient income to buy supplies. Read More

McDonald’s is using the power of its brand to encourage Covid vaccination compliance. Read More

Artist David Hockney did not charge one cent for his recent re-creation of the familiar Piccadilly Circus tube station roundel, but many Londoners still feel they did not get their money’s worth. Read More

The governing body of soccer in England, The Football Association, has created a new initiative called England Football that intends to promote football participation across the country. Read More

British milk brand Tom Parker Creamery has a new identity created by White Bear. Read More

Wolff Olins recently helped Standard Life Aberdeen create its new brand, Abrdn, and both have caught hell for it. But neither the client nor the design agency seems too fussed about all the fuss. Read More

Domino Sugar has a new logo to celebrate its 120th anniversary. Part of the new system is subtle color-coding that will identify its specific product categories: powdered sugar, demerara sugar, granulated sugar, golden sugar, and light and dark brown sugar Read More

Pantone has expanded its brand messaging with its first physical store, a location that is intended to give customers a “different dimension” of color. In the new Hong Kong store, Pantone will sell its Funmix collection of housewares, which includes clothing, dishes, sheets, and towels Read More

Coke has simplified its identity system across its Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, and Diet Coke brands. Read More

When two nation-wide, Australian pension funds—MTAA Super and Tasplan—merged into a single fund, the new organization need a fresh name and identity. Read More

With so many dairy alternatives now crowding grocery shelves, the addition of yet another might not merit a second look. Read More

Neighborhood Now is a collaborative initiative from the Urban Design Forum and the Van Alen Institute, both of which work with New York City communities on how to reopen safely in an ongoing Covid environment. Read More

The Design Nation Conference was founded to bridge the gap between the growing awareness in design and lack of design education in colleges nationwide, as well as address a lack of new and diverse perspectives in the field. Read More

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