Denomination’s bottle and labeling design for Tread Softly gins was driven by several factors. First, the design agency wanted to create a more feminine presence on the shelf given the fact that, in studies, more women than men say they prefer spirits. The second concern was environmentally based. Most brands use foils or other non-recyclable labeling, rendering their glass bottles non-recyclable as well. Read More

For your gift-giving pleasure, consider an ugly-branded-Christmas sweater or PJs from KFC (likely sold out long ago), Vegemite, McDonald’s, Green Giant, or Orbit Gum. Several of these promotions are raising monies for food banks. Read More

Velveeta enjoyed a tremendous sales surge during quarantine while everyone was cooking at home and looking for comfort foods. Kraft Heinz is capitalizing on that success with a new brand identity created by Jones Knowles Ritchie. The processed cheese’s gooey, smooth texture is visually built into the typography of the new logo. Read More

Papa John’s is now Papa Johns. Dropping the apostrophe on the public face of the pizza chain is a symbolic change that further distances the company from its founder, John Schmatter, who resigned after a series of controversies in 2018. As of this writing, the name of the parent company is still Papa John’s International. Read More

Design agencies Public Address and Works Collective were brought in by FIFA to create the logo and brand attributes for the 2023 Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand. The logo they created brings together 32 squares to represent the 32 nations that will compete to appear at the event. Read More

The American Legion has a new brand that will be used in advertising, lifestyle apparel, community service activities, fundraising, event announcements, and other less-formal, community-based and outreach activities. It will not replace the familiar American Legion emblem, which was patented in 1919 and will continue to be used for more formal applications such as official documents, memorial observations, uniforms, and post signage. Read More

Design firm Public Address has created a vibrant brand identity for plant-based food producer Wholly Veggie. The designers use the “o” in Wholly as a frame or window through which to view the product. Read More

Could symbols someday form a language that is equivalent to a spoken tongue? Could an organized system of symbols form a sort of visual Esperanto? Read More

Mother Design has created an Art Nouveau-infused identity for luxury hotel Park Lane, which sits across from Central Park in New York City. The design was in fact inspired by the contrast of the park’s flora and fauna as well as its wandering paths set against the rigid grid of the city. Read More

In a time when so many social media consumers are feeling lukewarm about Facebook, it’s not surprising that most are also underwhelmed with the rebrand of the company as Meta. Manifesting through the rebrand announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerman indicated that in the metaverse, we will be immersed in rather than just observers of experiences, and that it be a change as significant as the creation of the internet. Read More

The BBC introduced a new parent logo earlier this year, and the before-to-after changes were so modest that they hardly caused a blip. A new bespoke font replaced Gill Sans, and the letters were spaced farther apart. Read More

Sain, a Welsh-language music record label, has a strong new identity created by designer Celt Iwan. The designer reimagined the client’s previous logo, created in 1975, plus commissioned a distinctive bespoke sans serif typeface, Sain Sans. Read More

Design firm SomeOne borrowed from the architecture of Olympia London to create a new brand identity for the West London event and exhibition space. Designers were inspired by the arches that crown two large exhibit halls and gave that same shape to the new logo. The arching shape will also be repeated in other architectural elements at the location, which is still under development. Read More

Television ratings company Nielson has its first new logo since 2007. Riffing off of the universal play button on most remotes, the brightly colored buttons form an N in their negative space (unfortunately, this is very similar to a new logo issued by Newsy, an American news network headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia). Read More

Floral brand FTD has a newly refined identity, created by Base Design and RoAndCo, that is intended to underline its status as a heritage brand. In addition to proclaiming its founding date of 1910 as part of its logo, the new plan is built on a base of olive green, a color that serves as a neutral and appropriate backdrop against which to showcase floral products and other FTD gifts. Read More

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