The Triumph logo, with its familiar “smile” line, is a familiar heritage logo for motorcycle enthusiasts and newbies alike. Read More

The 173-year-old Mormon Tabernacle Choir has put practices and performances on hold until quarantine restrictions change, but it has released its new logo. Read More

The design firm dn&co has created a new identity for San Francisco’s historic Pier 70, a property that is part of a 15-year regeneration project meant to transform what used to be an industrial and ship-building area into a cultural and creative center. Read More

Already uploading for the chance to make it into LogoLounge Book 12? Read More

After 100 years of gracing Land-O-Lakes branding, Mia the Native butter maiden (an odd juxtaposition if there ever was one) has been dismissed. Read More

Despite having written all of her novels about 19th-century life, Jane Austen’s popularity has never waned. Her stories have been adapted into movies, television programs, fan fiction, and—for her most ardent fans—a way of dealing with the world. It’s not surprising, then, that the 17th-century house where Austen spent the last 8 years of her life attracts tens of thousands of fans each year. Read More

Traditionalists will be pleased to hear that NASA’s famous worm logo is back for the first time since 1992, this time on the side of the Falcon 9 rocket scheduled for launch in mid- to late May 2020. Read More

Since it was founded in 1960, what was then called the Leukaemia Research Fund—later renamed Bloodwise—has raised and invested more than £500 million to support the research and treatment of blood cancers. Read More

The New Republic has a new masthead/logo, interior design, and approach to illustration and photography. Read More

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