Death: it may be the last thing on Earth that has not already been conquered by branding. Exit Here, a stylish new funeral parlor in London, has done away with dark and somber Victorian precepts surrounding eternal rest. Its goal is to shine light onto the funeral experience, transforming it into something that truly honors the dearly departed’s life and personality. Read More

Johnnie Walker has long been known as your father’s scotch, or your father’s father’s scotch, certainly not a brand for women or young people. A new campaign issued by brand owner Diageo North America aims to capture the profound heritage of the product while sending it back out into the world with a distinctly edgier and more vibrant jaunt. Read More

Mooncup is the original menstrual cup, designed to be a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. The company started as a bootstrap operation in 2002, and although its popularity has grown substantially, its brand identity had not. It felt clinical and subdued, very unlike the flowery, girly identities used by paper-based competitors. But flowery and girly was not at all what Mooncup wanted either. Read More

As Holland will henceforth officially be known as “The Netherlands,” the country was in need of a clarifying brand voice that explained, at least visually, the change. Read More

Siegel + Gale has created a new identity for Hudson, a company that began as a newsstand in LaGuardia Airport and now has become a “Traveler’s Best Friend,” with more than 1,000 stores in airports, commuter hubs, landmarks, and tourist locations. Read More

Scouting and Girl Guides in the United Kingdom are undergoing major identity redesigns that include plenty of self-reflection for the organizations themselves. Read More

The 162-year-old magazine The Atlantic has a new visual identity that knocks its name down to just “A.” The interior of the magazine, as well as its website, have also been reworked. Read More

Wolff Olins design director, Alec Donovan explains the team’s goal. "We needed to showcase all of them to tell a larger story about their collective impact without upstaging them. This is why the core strategies and narratives were so important. They really helped inform and inspire so much of the final visual language of this new brand." Read More

PBS is marking its 50th anniversary with an updated identity. It’s a design that has been tended by famous hands over the years, including creator Herb Lubalin, Tom Geismar, and now Lippincott. The 2019 update is subtle, but practical. Read More

Law firms are not usually known for their striking identity designs. In fact, it seems as though most strive to be uniformly unremarkable. The law firm Simmons & Simmons recently began to differentiate itself by stressing its key attributes of partnership and collaboration with the help of design office SomeOne. Read More

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