Instagram’s recent brand refresh was barely noticed by most users, but its new Instagram Sans face is causing a stir. It’s a typeface that behaves normally—until it doesn’t. Read More

Camden (UK) live music and indie clubber home Koko has reopened after a $87.5 million restoration and with a new identity created by DixonBaxi. The design firm was brought in to unite all venue touchpoints involved with the 50,000-square-foot arts and music center, from its store and radio programming to live performance areas, live-streaming, and recording capabilities. Read More

Oxfam Intermón is the Spain-based arm of Oxfam International, a global organization that works to end the injustice of poverty. The group wanted to increase its organizational transparency; unite different populations to support its efforts; and stress its role as an energetic and effective NGO. Read More

Many browser extensions offer points or cash back to online shoppers. Freetree provides a completely different perk: the opportunity to plant a tree somewhere in the world where trees are sorely needed. Read More

Decem is a “light spirit” company that produces liquor in the 10 percent ABV range. That’s about one-quarter of the alcohol-by-volume of standard spirits. Read More

Angus Hyland’s team at Pentagram has rebranded Art Republic, an online store that offers affordable limited-edition prints, photography, and pop-related culture items. Making art accessible while championing artists and helping them succeed is what makes Art Republic unique. Read More

Since the days of the Civil War, The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine (NASEM) has been considered an authority on providing unbiased scientific advice from experts around the nation in academia,  government and business. When the organization came to design firm Metaforce for a rebrand, managers knew it was imperative the identity supported the stature, gravitas, and impact of the organization’s history. Read More

CNET was launched in 1994 to review “tech,” which at that time meant mostly mobile phones and computers. As technology has crept into all aspects of life, the website now covers vehicles, entertainment, wellness, finance, and all manner of consumer goods and experiences. The sheer quantity of articles that are produced for the site—management says 10 articles per hour—has over time transformed the site into a substantial editorial resource. Read More

Farmerline, one of the largest private employers in Ghana, has a new brand identity created by NB Studio. The goal of the project was to raise the stature and visibility of the organization so that it could attract more talent, partners, and investors. Read More

Latroupe’s identity was created to attract a new sort of backpacker: an older traveler with more money but who still craves the community of the hostel experience. It was also meant to appeal to the scores of working nomads unleashed from offices by the pandemic as well as to young families looking for an affordable but quality lodging experience. Read More

The roles of financial institutions are changing at an incredible rate with technology delivering new challenges and opportunities every day. Read More

Founded by Donal Morphy—a product engineer—and Charles Richard—a salesman— Morphy Richards has been designing and selling consumer appliances since 1936. Although it has become a global company, its market share was slipping. So it partnered with Otherway in 2021 to create an entirely new brand message built on the motto, “Happiness Engineered.” Read More

Quick takes from the world of identity design, including Comedy Central and Palm. Read More

When Parsons instructor and Pentagram designer Talia Cotton set out to create an unbiased brand for Guilty by Association (GBA), an arts organization that promotes under-represented artists, she used algorithms to generate a logo with infinite permutations to represent the endless variety of art and artists in the world. Read More

Manual Creative has devised a new identity for The Eames Institute (of Infinite Curiosity) that captures Ray and Charles Eames’ iconic sense of design and play. Read More

Quick takes from the world of identity design, including Comedy Central and Palm. Read More

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