VMLY+R Melbourne has created an identity for a new not-for-profit organization, Earth Funerals, which offers environmentally friendly funerals, an option that had not previously been available in Australia. Read More

PepsiCo has introduced an easier-to-pour 2-liter bottle for its North American drink products. Read More

Pentagram partners Luke Powell, Jody Hudson-Powell, and Domenic Lippa have created a new identity for Virgin Money UK that aims to make banking feel friendlier, more approachable, and decidedly less scary. Read More

“Twitch needed to tell a much larger story,” says Byron Phillipson, global executive creative director at Twitch, in a recent Adobe Blog article. Twitch is a leading live streaming platform for gamers, but its population is growing and becoming more diverse: it now has partnerships with the NBA, NFL, professional wrestling, and many other sporting organizations. Read More

KFC’s Colonel Sanders lost his moustache to mark the November 1 start of Movember, a month in which participants raise money for charity by shaving off and growing back their moustaches. But his new look only lasted one day: the Colonel’s moustache was completely grown back on November 2. Read More

One of the oldest and most important shrines in Japan has a refreshed identity, thanks to designers Yu Yamada and Kishino Shogo. Read More

Meal kit service HelloFresh has a new identity, created by DesignStudio. Although the familiar lime has been retained from the original design, the app icon is very different: it has a grungy, speckled color scheme that some have called “dirty” or even “moldy,” attributes that definitely should not be associated with food. Read More

For the first time in its nearly 100-year-old history, TIME magazine replaced the logo on its November 2, 2020, U.S.-edition cover, swapping out TIME for the simple message VOTE. Shepard Fairey created the cover’s illustration. Read More

Omse, the London-based design studio, has created a new identity for an old church that has been renovated and now serves East London as a performance and gathering space, bakery, brewery, charity, and apiary, as well as a progressive worship community. Read More

Famed designer and typeface expert Ed Benguiat died on Thursday, October 15, 2020. His talent spawned more than 600 typefaces and thousands of design projects, including the logos for Ford and AT&T, and mastheads for The New York Times, Esquire, Look, and McCalls. Read More

Uncle Ben’s brand rice has been renamed Ben’s Original, and the portrait of Uncle Ben himself has been eliminated from the brand identity and packaging. Read More

The Corporation for National and Community Service has many well-known U.S-based volunteer organizations under its umbrella moniker, including AmeriCorps VISTA, the National Civilian Community Corps, various state and national AmeriCorps programs, SeniorCorps, and the Volunteer Generation Fund. But its own name was not at all memorable. Read More

Made Thought has created a new identity for Swedish furniture company Hem. Read More

Design agency Ragged Edge has created a new name and identity for myLotus, a company whose tech products help people become pregnant. The new name, Mylo, is distinctly less feminine and more non-gender-specific. Read More

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