You simply can't organize 42,000 logos-the approximate number of designs now on the web site-and not notice commonalities. Categories. Directions. Insights. And this year is no exception: There are trends, for better or for worse. Read More

The word "trend" seems to raise the little hairs on the back of some designers' necks. Everybody wants to be a you-know-what-setter; no one wants to acknowledge the aftermath. But as we march toward's fifth anniversary, we've discovered that trends have become something impossible - and maybe unwise - to ignore. Read More

When you've spent a month studying 17,000 logos from around the world, your mind can't help but notice certain similarities. Just ask Bill Gardner, who at this writing was putting the final touches on the second book to be released by the web site he founded, The new book, LogoLounge Book II, will be released in January 2005 by Rockport Publishers ( It is a follow-up to LogoLounge Book I, which went into second and third printings soon after it was released in early 2003. Read More

The word "trend" has taken on a negative cast in recent years, particularly when the letter "y" is appended to it. "Trend" is actually a pretty innocuous phenomenon, though: Simply speaking, it is defined as a new line of direction. "Trendy," on the other hand, is what happens when everybody else starts stampeding in the same direction. Read More

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