Seedfolk is a lockdown-era start-up that provides products that help people grow their own food. They That Do created an identity for the homegrown company that pulls from many different sources: 1800s-style etchings and woodcuts, letterpress seed packet illustrations from the 1930s, and even 1960s Japanese seed packets. The designers also added evocative photography and a rich but simple color system. The effect is disruptive and eye-catching, but still wholesome.

SVA student Marissa Goldberg is knitting a 10 x 10-foot logo blanket as part of her coursework. It is built of hand-knitted squares, each of which contains a very low-resolution logo. The juxtaposition of homespun and corporate is thought provoking, especially when one considers how brand messaging saturates our personal lives.

You can follow Goldberg’s progress at