LogoLounge Book 12

The jury is in.

Everyday designers are inspired and inspire others through LogoLounge. As a result, we also get to showcase top identity design from around the world through the LogoLounge book series, where a preeminent panel of jurors chose logos to represent the best of the best. Our judges for this edition included Dan Janssen, Mackey Saturday, Veronica Fuerte, Chris Do, Jonathan Rudolph, Justin Ahrens, Szende Brassai, Tamari Chabukiani, Bruno Campos and Eddie Lobanovskiy.

Logos Submitted
Winning Logos

Designers From Around the World

These designers' logos were selected among tens of thousands to be represented in LogoLounge Book 12. Click on the names to see their profiles, and become a member to view all of their works as well as purchase the book!

1994United States9 Logos Grant Mortenson United States2 Logos -Russia6 Logos 01dBelarus5 Logos 12 Line StudioUnited States1 Logo 12 pointsRussia3 Logos 12 StudioUnited Kingdom1 Logo 1dea Design + Media Inc.Canada1 Logo 3 Advertising LLCUnited States1 Logo 343 CreativeUnited States1 Logo 36creativeUnited States8 Logos 63 VisualUnited States1 Logo 903 Creative, LLCUnited States15 Logos A. SatterfieldUnited States2 Logos Abigail TeetsUnited States1 Logo ABO AgencyDominican Republic1 Logo Adam Jarret DesignsUnited States8 Logos Advisors ExcelUnited States1 Logo Agency MABUUnited States1 Logo AhmedcreativesIndia16 Logos AistisLithuania1 Logo Alaa choichniaTunisia4 Logos Alama CreativeKenya4 Logos Alejandro Design Co.United States13 Logos Alex Anderson CreativeUnited States10 Logos Alex RinkerUnited States1 Logo Alex TassRomania9 Logos Alexandra ErkaevaTurkmenistan6 Logos Ali AljilaniKuwait2 Logos Almosh82India6 Logos Amaya StudiosUnited States1 Logo Amit Botre - Spin DesignIndia20 Logos Amp'd DesignsUnited States1 Logo ampersandrewUnited States2 Logos Amy LyonsUnited States1 Logo Analee G. PazUnited States2 Logos Andrea BinskiUnited Arab Emirates3 Logos Andrew Gerend Design & IllustrationUnited States1 Logo Andrew KorepanRussia11 Logos Andrew WahbaOman2 Logos AndriiKovalchukUkraine4 Logos Andy SharpeUnited States1 Logo Angelo AceboUnited States2 Logos Angelo VitoPeru6 Logos Anna Brand Creative LtdUnited Kingdom1 Logo Anthony Creative HouseUnited States3 Logos Antonio CalvinoUnited States3 Logos APA CreativeUnited States2 Logos Aperios Design LtdUnited Kingdom6 Logos Armend ShabaniMontenegro1 Logo Armstrong Marketing SolutionsUnited States1 Logo ArtangentRomania4 Logos Artem SokolRussia9 Logos Artem YakovlevRussia11 Logos artsigmaBrazil27 Logos ASCRomania1 Logo AsgardRussia2 Logos Atlas BrandingUnited States8 Logos Austin Logo DesignsUnited States1 Logo Avidity CreativeUnited States4 Logos Axiom | HoustonUnited States1 Logo axmckinneyUnited States4 Logos B3 StrategyCanada1 Logo Badim36Russia11 Logos Bajillion AgencyUnited States3 Logos Banowetz + Company, Inc.United States24 Logos Barnes DesignUnited States4 Logos Be Good StudioUnited Kingdom23 Logos Be!Five branding & identityRussia1 Logo Beman Agency Iran2 Logos Ben Kocinski Design LLCUnited States3 Logos Ben Loiz StudioUnited States1 Logo Benjamin KauffmanUnited States2 Logos BeretGraphicsKazakhstan2 Logos Beth SichenederUnited States7 Logos BK+CoUnited States1 Logo Blake SuarezUnited States4 Logos Block DesignsUnited States1 Logo Bloom Communication SRLRomania2 Logos BLTR DESIGNGermany7 Logos Blue Blazes, LLCUnited States5 Logos Blue Cyclops Design Co.United States3 Logos Blue Deer DesignUnited Kingdom1 Logo BLVRUnited States1 Logo Bob EwingUnited States7 Logos Bojan GulevskiMacedonia1 Logo Bojan OreskovicSlovenia16 Logos BondirUnited States7 Logos Bopp CreativeUnited States1 Logo Boris MargolinUnited States2 Logos Both BouCambodia7 Logos Botond VorosHungary1 Logo Bradford Design Co. United States7 Logos Brainstorm Branding AgencyMongolia4 Logos BrandformaUkraine8 Logos BrandhalosIndia2 Logos Brandon Kirk DesignUnited States1 Logo Brandon MooreUnited States2 Logos Brass HandsUnited States1 Logo Braue: Brand Design ExpertsGermany3 Logos Brauer DesignUnited States1 Logo Brazhnikova EkaterinaRussia5 Logos Brendan GarganoUnited States1 Logo Brenden Goodcuff Design Co.United States3 Logos Brennan Gilbert Creative, LLCUnited States1 Logo Brethren Design Co.United States5 Logos Brian Wiens DesignUnited States8 Logos BridgeUnited States2 Logos Brittany Phillips DesignUnited States1 Logo Brokenstraw Co.United States5 Logos Brooks HungateUnited States1 Logo Bruce E. MorganUnited States1 Logo Bryan ButlerUnited States7 Logos Bryce Reyes DesignUnited States2 Logos BurocratikPortugal4 Logos BWenger.comUnited States1 Logo Caliber Creative, LLCUnited States6 Logos CamAbbas DesignUnited States2 Logos Caribou CreativeCanada10 Logos Carrmichael DesignUnited States1 Logo CarveCanada1 Logo Casscles Design, IncUnited States1 Logo CBS-InkUnited States9 Logos Cerberus AgencyUnited States2 Logos CF Napa Brand DesignUnited States1 Logo Chad Michael StudioUnited States1 Logo Chad RiedelUnited States2 Logos Chandler SaundersUnited States2 Logos Chango DesignUnited States1 Logo Charlie CoombsUnited States9 Logos Chelsea BurkettUnited States1 Logo Cheree Berry PaperUnited States1 Logo Chimera DesignUnited States2 Logos Chris GanzUnited States2 Logos Christina MorelandUnited States3 Logos Christopher ReedUnited States3 Logos Christy Forsythe DesignCanada1 Logo ClickpivotUnited States2 Logos Clinton Carlson DesignUnited States2 Logos Cobb County School DistrictUnited States3 Logos ColorsapiensCzech Republic1 Logo Compass DesignUnited States1 Logo Cooper Design Co.United States1 Logo CooperbilityUnited Kingdom5 Logos CoowhiAustralia4 Logos Cosmic Rays DesignCanada1 Logo Courier Design Co LLCUnited States1 Logo Courtright DesignUnited States1 Logo cre.designUkraine2 Logos Creative ParcUnited States1 Logo Creative Punch Marketing GroupUnited States5 Logos Curious Mindz IncUnited States1 Logo CusumanoUnited Kingdom2 Logos Cynthia MurrayUnited States1 Logo DAAKE Design, IncUnited States2 Logos Dalius StuokaLithuania5 Logos Dan Draper DesignUnited States4 Logos Dan Fleming DesignUnited States6 Logos Dan Rood - CreativeUnited States1 Logo Daniel RotterGermany10 Logos danny woodardUnited States2 Logos Daphna SebbaneUnited States1 Logo David GutierrezMexico1 Logo David MasCanada5 Logos DBWORKPLAYCroatia3 Logos Decree Design CoUnited States3 Logos Deividas BielskisLithuania7 Logos Denis AristovRussia5 Logos Design BuddyUnited States4 Logos Design DepartmentUnited States1 Logo Design Studio Minin and PozharskyRussia1 Logo Detour Graphic Design Inc. United States2 Logos digitaldesigndeskIndia1 Logo DISCIPLEUnited States2 Logos Disciple DesignUnited States4 Logos DlanidRussia1 Logo Dmitriy DzendoRussia13 Logos DO:BETTERUnited States1 Logo Dog & DwarfUnited States2 Logos Double A CreativeUnited States17 Logos Doug Does Design LLCUnited States3 Logos Doug FearUnited States1 Logo Doug RansdellUnited States1 Logo Drifting CreativesUnited States1 Logo DRWLKNUnited States14 Logos Dub CreativeUnited States1 Logo Dylan Menke DesignUnited States2 Logos El Paso, Galeria de ComunicacionSpain4 Logos elbustudioTurkey6 Logos ElectriCities of NCUnited States1 Logo Eleven19United States1 Logo Ellen MosimanUnited States6 Logos Ellie BorromeoUnited States4 Logos Elmira GokoryanArmenia2 Logos Emanuele Abrate - Logo & Identity designerItaly13 Logos Emilio CorreaMexico1 Logo Emily Fights CrimeUnited States3 Logos EmpiricalUnited States1 Logo Emspace + LovgrenUnited States1 Logo Emunah WinerUnited States2 Logos Eric W Lee DesignUnited States3 Logos Erin PaceUnited States1 Logo Eugene MTMoldova4 Logos FALOT, Adi Sumic s.p.Slovenia2 Logos FankinRussia2 Logos Farm DesignUnited States4 Logos Fattah SetiawanIndonesia9 Logos Favor the BraveUnited States6 Logos Fehribach Design MillUnited States1 Logo Ferenc & FarkasHungary2 Logos Fernandez StudioUnited States7 Logos FieldsBrazil2 Logos Filip with F - Graphic DesignSwitzerland2 Logos Filippo BorghettiRussia6 Logos FINIENUnited States1 Logo Finletter CreativeUnited States1 Logo FIXER Brand Design StudioUnited States2 Logos Flight Deck CreativeUnited States1 Logo Florin Capota - Blackboard AgencyRomania3 Logos ForssellMexico1 Logo FourPlusBulgaria1 Logo FoxduckUnited States15 Logos francesco brisighelliItaly1 Logo Francesco Vittorioso Italy4 Logos Freelance Russia2 Logos FreelancerGeorgia7 Logos FreelancerMoldova1 Logo Freshwater DesignUnited States2 Logos Gabriel Parent-NadonCanada2 Logos Gameplan Creative LLCUnited States2 Logos Gardner DesignUnited States46 Logos Genaro Design, LLCUnited States1 Logo GeniusLogoSerbia12 Logos George P Wilson DesignsUnited States6 Logos GlasshoffUnited States2 Logos Glenmir Brand Co.United States1 Logo Glitschka StudiosUnited States12 Logos Go Local GroupUnited States1 Logo goografxRomania2 Logos Grace HayesUnited States1 Logo Greg ChristmanUnited States1 Logo Greteman GroupUnited States2 Logos GritAustralia1 Logo Group T DesignUnited States3 Logos Gurvinder Singh India3 Logos Hampton HargreavesUnited States2 Logos Hatch CreativeCanada7 Logos Hay & Co. DesignUnited States1 Logo Hearted Design & StrategyBrazil1 Logo HebelerGraphicsUnited States1 Logo Hello AmigoUnited States2 Logos Hello AndUnited States1 Logo hellomrdunnUnited States1 Logo HiebingUnited States1 Logo High School of BrandingRussia2 Logos HilcoUnited States1 Logo Hilton Design Co.United States1 Logo Hollis Brand CultureUnited States12 Logos HoodzpahUnited States1 Logo Hot Slice Design StudioUnited States1 Logo Hotel Graphic Design CompanyCanada12 Logos Howerton+WhiteUnited States4 Logos Hristijan Eftimov DesignMacedonia5 Logos Huck Yeah LLCUnited States1 Logo hudson rougeUnited States2 Logos HulsboschAustralia1 Logo Iconoclast Design Co.United States2 Logos IdeologoSpain1 Logo Imminent DesignworksUnited States1 Logo Inch AgencyRussia1 Logo innerprideRomania1 Logo Instinctual BeingsUnited States16 Logos Ionut ComaniciRomania2 Logos irene hoffman design+advertisingUnited States1 Logo Irina KolosovskayUkraine4 Logos Ivan_ArtnivoraIndonesia15 Logos Ivor AndrewUnited States2 Logos J Fletcher DesignUnited States26 Logos J.D. ReevesUnited States11 Logos Jacobs & Co.United States1 Logo James Daniel DesignUnited Kingdom4 Logos James MartinUnited Kingdom1 Logo James Wilson SaputraIndonesia3 Logos Jared TuttleUnited States3 Logos Jason CraigUnited States3 Logos Jason Durgin DesignUnited States2 Logos Jay Master DesignUnited States7 Logos Jay WalterUnited States4 Logos Jeffrey Devey DesignUnited States20 Logos Jeremy ElderUnited States5 Logos Jeremy HoneaUnited States1 Logo Jeremy TeffUnited States6 Logos Jeroen van EerdenNetherlands12 Logos Jesse Taylor CreativeUnited States3 Logos JibeUnited States2 Logos JilNetherlands2 Logos Jim TuckwellAustralia4 Logos JMB Design & IllustrationUnited States2 Logos Joanne VanUnited States1 Logo Joce CreativeCanada2 Logos Joe Bosack & Co.United States5 Logos Joe HansenUnited States2 Logos Joel BentleyUnited States1 Logo Johnny XeroxUnited States11 Logos Joram HibbelNetherlands2 Logos Jordahl DesignUnited States2 Logos Jordan BallardUnited States3 Logos jordan fretz designUnited States2 Logos jordan wilson designsUnited States20 Logos Jorel Dray DesignUnited States4 Logos Joschka Sawatzky StudioCanada3 Logos Jose de WalNetherlands1 Logo Josh CapederUnited States3 Logos Josh WhiteUnited States4 Logos Joshua Berman DesignUnited States1 Logo Joshua Design Co.United States16 Logos Joshua MinnichUnited States1 Logo Juan EncaladaUnited States1 Logo Just CreativeAustralia5 Logos Justin PrnoCanada2 Logos Kaejon MisuracaCanada1 Logo KaleidoscopeUnited States1 Logo Kamilla BartenevaRussia1 Logo Kareem MagdiQatar5 Logos Kari Smyth DesignUnited States1 Logo Karl Design ViennaAustria26 Logos Karla Chin DesignUnited States1 Logo Kay WolferspergerUnited States4 Logos Keith Evans Design Co.United States5 Logos Kendrick Kidd, LLCUnited States10 Logos Kenion Harvey DesignUnited States1 Logo KENNETH DISENOMexico1 Logo KeshavGroverIndia2 Logos Kevin CreativeCanada1 Logo Kevin FluegelUnited States1 Logo KhromovRussia2 Logos kick spark creative, llcUnited States2 Logos killerartworxGermany1 Logo Kiosk StudioMacedonia5 Logos Koch Communications MarketingUnited States1 Logo Konstantin ReshetnikovRussia21 Logos Kreatank Design SRLRomania12 Logos Kroneberger StudioUnited States2 Logos KruhuUnited States6 Logos LaCoste Design Co.United States1 Logo Lansdale CollectiveUnited States1 Logo LarkefNetherlands4 Logos Leacock Design Co.United States3 Logos Leap CreativeUnited States1 Logo LeavingstoneGeorgia3 Logos Legacy79United States2 Logos Lemon Design Pvt LtdIndia2 Logos LEOLOGOSLithuania2 Logos Lepisov BrandingMontenegro5 Logos Les Kerr CreativeUnited States1 Logo Leslie OlsonUnited States4 Logos Liam McMonagleUnited States2 Logos Liche'sNicaragua1 Logo Lifestyles CreativeUnited States3 Logos LikewiseUnited States1 Logo LITTLE AgencyUnited Kingdom1 Logo Logo GeekUnited Kingdom1 Logo LogoCosmosArgentina3 Logos LogoGround.comSouth Africa1 Logo LogoholikSerbia1 Logo LogomikaRussia7 Logos logorillaMorocco7 Logos LogosdonUnited States6 Logos Longo DesignsUnited States1 Logo LopezArtsUnited States1 Logo Lucas Marc DesignUnited States3 Logos Luckythirteen DesignUnited States1 Logo Luke Despatie & The Design FirmCanada3 Logos LUKE DSGNGermany1 Logo Lund DesignUnited States2 Logos Lynx & CoUnited States2 Logos Maja VukicUnited States2 Logos M-AL-khouliEgypt4 Logos Malley DesignUnited States7 Logos Manifest BrandUnited States1 Logo Marciano BrandingUnited States3 Logos Marcus Lee DesignAustralia1 Logo Mariano LampacresciaArgentina12 Logos Mark Bult DesignUnited States3 Logos Mark Farris DesignUnited States3 Logos MarkForgeMoldova3 Logos Markus DaumGermany16 Logos masejkeeUkraine2 Logos Masik CreativeUnited States1 Logo MatchsticUnited States1 Logo Matea DesignUnited States1 Logo Matt DawsonUnited States9 Logos Matthew Potter DesignUnited States3 Logos Mattia ForzaItaly1 Logo Mauricio CremerUnited States7 Logos Max Goodwin DesignCanada2 Logos Max Ward Design CoUnited Kingdom3 Logos McCarthy The MagicianUnited States3 Logos meem designEgypt4 Logos Melody Rose DesignUnited States1 Logo Mersad Comaga logo designBosnia5 Logos MFA at LA TechUnited States1 Logo MHD GroupUnited States1 Logo Michael MatsushitaUnited States1 Logo Michal TomasovicSlovakia5 Logos Mighty MightyUnited States3 Logos Mihai Dolganiuc DesignMoldova11 Logos Mike Schaeffer DesignUnited States3 Logos Milad DesignIran35 Logos Milos BojkovicSerbia5 Logos Milos DjuricSerbia24 Logos MindgruveUnited States1 Logo MindprizmUnited States2 Logos Mingo Ad StudioUnited States1 Logo Minnicks DesignUnited States1 Logo Mireles DesignUnited States1 Logo Mirka LLCUnited States2 Logos Miskowski DesignUnited States1 Logo Mission MindedUnited States1 Logo MisterShotGreece9 Logos Moa ButaybanSaudi Arabia2 Logos Mohammad ALOraifiKuwait1 Logo Monomyth StudioUnited States1 Logo Mr.SimcLithuania14 Logos MRZ DesignRomania6 Logos MuatoFinland2 Logos Mura Design Co.Australia1 Logo Murmur CreativeUnited States4 Logos MykolaStriletcUkraine9 Logos NADUkraine13 Logos Nadia CastroUnited Kingdom7 Logos NagualRussia4 Logos NajlonCroatia1 Logo Nathan HolthusUnited States2 Logos NazztudioBangladesh2 Logos NBDco.United States2 Logos Nectar GraphicsUnited States2 Logos Nick DeVore Graphic Design Etc.United States4 Logos Niedermeier DesignUnited States1 Logo NienowBrandUnited States2 Logos Nina MegrelidzeGeorgia5 Logos nnbrandUnited States6 Logos No Good DaysUnited States1 Logo Noble Folk Design GroupUnited States2 Logos Noble Motive Inc.United States2 Logos Nothing Design StudioCanada1 Logo Nour OumousseMorocco13 Logos Nox CreativeUnited States1 Logo Nuno DiasPortugal1 Logo Ocean & SeaUnited States1 Logo Octavo DesignsUnited States2 Logos ODB Russia1 Logo O'Dell Design Co.United States12 Logos oden.houseUnited States3 Logos OdneyUnited States15 Logos Ogil CreativeColombia2 Logos Okayest LogoUnited States2 Logos Old Rabbit DesignLithuania1 Logo One Tribe CreativeUnited States1 Logo ONNO / Ruby BacanovicUnited States1 Logo oornj brandesignUnited States1 Logo OphiuchusLithuania2 Logos ORFIK DESIGNGreece4 Logos Ortega GraphicsCanada1 Logo OTLICHNOSTIRussia1 Logo Overbi S.r.l.Italy2 Logos Overturf Design StudioUnited States2 Logos Oxide Design Co.United States8 Logos PaperSky DesignUnited States1 Logo Paradigm New Media GroupUnited States2 Logos Paradise AdvertisingUnited States2 Logos Patrick Moriarty DesignUnited States11 Logos Patrick Richardson United States1 Logo Patryk BelcPoland3 Logos Paul von ExciteNetherlands3 Logos Pavy Design United States1 Logo PAX STUDIOUnited States1 Logo Pedro MorenoUnited States3 Logos Penda DesignUnited States50 Logos PeopledesignUnited States2 Logos Petar ShalamanovMacedonia6 Logos PGCreates.comUnited States1 Logo Phanco Design StudioUnited States1 Logo Ping XuUnited States1 Logo Pioneer DesignUnited States4 Logos Pod Design ShopUnited States3 Logos Pola LISO Lisowicz Denmark9 Logos Powell StrategicUnited States1 Logo PragmatikaGeorgia1 Logo Prell DesignHungary4 Logos Pretty/Ugly DesignCanada2 Logos PUSH CollectiveAustralia3 Logos PyrographxUnited States1 Logo PytchBlackUnited States1 Logo Quaint Creative StudioPhilippines8 Logos QualtricsUnited States2 Logos Quarto CriativoBrazil2 Logos Raboin Design CompanyUnited States6 Logos Rafe Stewart DesignUnited States1 Logo Rahajoe CreativaIndonesia11 Logos RainfallRomania4 Logos Rami Hoballah DesignKuwait4 Logos Randy HeilUnited States1 Logo Raul PlancarteMexico8 Logos Red Dog Design ConsultantsIreland3 Logos RedSpark Creative LtdNew Zealand1 Logo regains.chSwitzerland1 Logo REGEX SEOUnited States1 Logo Regole DesignUnited States4 Logos Renoun CreativeUnited States10 Logos rentsch designGermany7 Logos ResinismAustralia3 Logos Resource Branding & DesignUnited States2 Logos Rich HindsUnited Kingdom2 Logos Richard SpaansNetherlands1 Logo Rick ByrneUnited States1 Logo Rick van Houten (ZORM)Netherlands2 Logos Rickabaugh GraphicsUnited States1 Logo Riddle Design Co.United States2 Logos Riggalicious Design, LLCUnited States3 Logos RIJK creative studioNetherlands1 Logo Rikky Moller DesignUnited States1 Logo RipeArtUnited States2 Logos Rippke DesignUnited States2 Logos Rise Design Branding Inc.China3 Logos Robert Finkel DesignUnited States1 Logo Robert WarrixUnited States1 Logo Robles Design Co.United States2 Logos Rogge DesignUnited States9 Logos Roy Smith DesignUnited Kingdom12 Logos Ruben FerloSpain7 Logos Rui P. AguiamPortugal1 Logo Rule29United States9 Logos Russ RazorUnited States5 Logos Ryan FooseUnited States4 Logos Ryan Lynn DesignUnited States5 Logos Ryan Minchin / Thinking HatsAustralia3 Logos Ryan WeaverUnited States5 Logos SabingrafikUnited States1 Logo Sagitov 7Russia14 Logos Sakkal DesignUnited States1 Logo Salih Kucukaga Design StudioTurkey4 Logos Salted Caramel StudioAustralia2 Logos Samantha ChapmanUnited States1 Logo SAMPLEUnited States3 Logos San Diego ZooUnited States1 Logo Sauvage DesignNew Zealand2 Logos Sava StoicSerbia12 Logos Scott A Gericke LLCUnited States1 Logo Scott Harrell DesignUnited States1 Logo Scott Oeschger DesignUnited States2 Logos Sean HeislerUnited States21 Logos Second Sun Design Co.United States7 Logos SecondEightUnited States9 Logos SelfUnited States1 Logo Sergio JosephUnited States7 Logos Seth McDuffieUnited States2 Logos Sevarika Design StudioCroatia4 Logos Shane Harris DesignUnited States5 Logos Shapeshifter Creative Co.United States1 Logo Shaun MoynihanUnited States1 Logo Shawn BanksUnited States2 Logos Shed LabsUnited States1 Logo Shibin | 3b.designsIndia3 Logos Shmart StudioTurkey10 Logos Siah DesignCanada2 Logos SigniflyDenmark6 Logos SiirupEstonia2 Logos Skye Design Studios + EPICO StudiosUnited States5 Logos Slagle Design, LLCUnited States2 Logos Slavisa DujkovicSerbia1 Logo Small Hat Studio, LLCUnited States2 Logos smARTerUnited States3 Logos Smith & DictionUnited States13 Logos SML DesignAustralia1 Logo Soder ReklambyraSweden1 Logo sodesignBelarus11 Logos Sophia Georgopoulou | DesignGreece1 Logo Southall 7 CreativeUnited States1 Logo SPGIndia1 Logo Spiegel Design Co.United States2 Logos SpireUnited States1 Logo Spur_United States1 Logo squarehandUnited States1 Logo SRP Communication & Brand DesignUnited States1 Logo Stanislav RegisRussia9 Logos Station8 BrandingUnited States1 Logo Steely WorksUnited States3 Logos Stefanie PassoUnited States3 Logos StepWise DesignNetherlands2 Logos Stevan RodicSerbia9 Logos Steven BlumenthalUnited States2 Logos Steven CrosbyUnited States3 Logos Stevie LeValleyUnited States4 Logos Stewart DesignUnited States7 Logos Stitch Design Co.United States1 Logo Strong StudioUnited States1 Logo Studio 1344United States13 Logos Studio AbsoluteUnited States1 Logo Studio AkramUnited Kingdom2 Logos Studio InkAustralia3 Logos Studio MinnowUnited States1 Logo STUDIO MOHSEN VALIHIIran1 Logo Studio of AndrewUnited States4 Logos Studio of Jay HigginbothamUnited States3 Logos Studio PulsItaly2 Logos Studio Sudar ltdCroatia2 Logos Studio TrashlineGermany2 Logos Studio5 kommunikations DesignAustria3 Logos Sumack LoftCanada3 Logos Supernaut DesignUnited Kingdom1 Logo Sussner Design CompanyUnited States3 Logos Sydney Solomon Design Co. United States2 Logos Sylvan Hillebrand DesignNetherlands2 Logos szendebrassai.comRomania13 Logos T E D D Y S H I P L E YUnited States2 Logos Tactical MagicUnited States1 Logo Tactix CreativeUnited States1 Logo Tamayo DesignUnited States1 Logo TANG AustraliaAustralia1 Logo TAPHOUSE GRAPHICSUnited States1 Logo Taylor DesignUnited States1 Logo Test MonkiUnited States1 Logo Texas State UniversityUnited States2 Logos Texas State UniversityUnited States1 Logo Texas State University United States1 Logo thackway mccordUnited States1 Logo The AdsmithUnited States1 Logo The Art of James E! WalkerUnited States1 Logo The Branding FoxUnited Kingdom1 Logo The Forefathers GroupSweden1 Logo The Grove CreativeUnited States2 Logos The HideoutUnited Kingdom2 Logos The InfantreeUnited States1 Logo The Mahoney StudioUnited States5 Logos The Monochromatic InstituteUnited States14 Logos The Studio TemporaryUnited States6 Logos Thomas SullivanUnited States1 Logo ThrillustrateUnited States7 Logos tickstyle Belarus9 Logos Timothy Creative DepartmentUnited States3 Logos TM Creative, Inc.United States2 Logos ToddigitalUnited States3 Logos Tofer FlowersUnited States3 Logos TOKY Branding+DesignUnited States3 Logos Tomko DesignUnited States2 Logos Tomorrow BrandingRomania2 Logos TopicCreativeUnited States11 Logos Torch CreativeUnited States2 Logos Torey Needham Design Co.United States12 Logos Toro and HareUnited States2 Logos TorqueUnited States1 Logo Tortoiseshell BlackUnited Kingdom11 Logos Traction PartnersUnited States3 Logos Tracy NivenCanada2 Logos Traina DesignUnited States3 Logos Travis Brown DesignUnited States1 Logo Trevett's: Design. Print. Mail.United States1 Logo Trevor BassetUnited States4 Logos Trevor Hernandez DesignUnited States2 Logos Trevor NielsenUnited States5 Logos Trey IngramUnited States13 Logos TriLion StudiosUnited States4 Logos TrillionUnited States2 Logos TrioSigns,Inc.United States1 Logo TRNTFFIndonesia51 Logos TVWUnited Kingdom1 Logo Two Bridges Design, LLCUnited States5 Logos Twobird BrandingUnited Kingdom2 Logos Tyler DeHagueUnited States9 Logos Tyler School of ArtUnited States1 Logo Type08Croatia20 Logos Ulyanov DenisRussia2 Logos UnikoCosta Rica5 Logos UnipenMacedonia12 Logos upmess.comGreece4 Logos Vadim CarazanRomania7 Logos Valiant Creative AgencyCanada3 Logos Van Dessel, YakariBelgium1 Logo VANCAMP DESIGN CO.United States2 Logos vaneltiaIndonesia16 Logos Varick Rosete StudioUnited States1 Logo VASVARI DESIGNHungary1 Logo VergAustralia15 Logos Vicarel StudiosUnited States5 Logos Victor Mills DesignUnited States6 Logos Vigor - beverage & restaurant brandingUnited States3 Logos Virginia TechUnited States2 Logos Visual LureUnited States6 Logos Visual VoiceUnited States1 Logo Voov Ltd.Hungary2 Logos W R A Y | W A R DUnited States2 Logos Walk DesignUnited States1 Logo Wall vs CrayonPhilippines12 Logos Wandel DesignUnited States4 Logos WDCoUnited States3 Logos WEIRDOUnited States1 Logo WeLoveNoiseUnited States3 Logos Wheelhouse CollectiveUnited States2 Logos White Unicorn AgencyUnited States5 Logos Wiktor AresRussia3 Logos Wild Viking StudioUnited States4 Logos WildeyeAustralia1 Logo Wildfire Creative StudioUnited States5 Logos Will DoveUnited States12 Logos William LovecraftSpain2 Logos WisecraftPortugal15 Logos WishniaUkraine5 Logos Workhorse MarketingUnited States2 Logos wwc studioPoland2 Logos XFACTASouth Africa2 Logos XhilarateUnited States1 Logo XO AgencyUnited States1 Logo Yana UglitskikhRussia4 Logos Yondr StudioUnited States5 Logos Yossi BelkinUnited States17 Logos younique studioLithuania10 Logos Zac JacobsonUnited States9 Logos Zach HannibalUnited States6 Logos Zach Oldham DesignUnited States2 Logos Zach Shuta Inc.United States3 Logos ZAMBELLI BRAND DESIGNCroatia2 Logos ZDezPakistan3 Logos Zed DesignUnited States1 Logo Zeki MichaelUnited Kingdom6 Logos zenGeorgia8 Logos zeropoint7 StudioUnited States3 Logos Zipline InteractiveUnited States2 Logos ZoCo DesignUnited States3 Logos Zostaw To NamPoland9 Logos zzzmeysssUkraine5 Logos

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