Travelers Sees Red

“Brolly” is British slang for “umbrella.” It’s also the name of an insurance company start-up that accidentally/not accidentally chose that name to tweak/reference insurance, and by extension, insurance giant Travelers, whose logo has included an umbrella since at least 1870. Even more cheeky, Brolly decided to use an umbrella-like shape—although founders called it a jellyfish—as its logo.

Old and Revised Brolly Logo

Travelers Logo

A lawsuit immediately detonated. Brolly launched a crowdsourcing campaign to find a new solution, which turned out to be simply flipping the shape upside down. Brolly managers say this solution fortuitously furthers its message, which is to turn insurance on its head. Time will tell if Travelers will cease to see red, which indeed is still part of the Brolly brand, as is, well, the word “brolly.”

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