Thomson Reuters Refresh

Thomson Reuters provides vetted information and data to professionals in the legal, tax and accounting, and news and media sectors. It’s an extremely complex, fast-moving business, but also one that is both relevant and necessary. To make the company’s benefit more visible, creative/technology group Code and Theory helped Thomson Reuters develop a new brand promise: To Clarify the Complex.

Stef Hoffman, group brand strategy director of Code and Theory, explains. “Together with Thomson Reuters, we boldly reimagined their brand strategy and identity to celebrate their heritage and innovation story. With a new promise and messaging, evolved tone of voice, dynamic and new color palette, simplified logo, and modernized fonts, this is now the brand of a technology company."

The new logo definitely draws from the old. The use of lowercase letters in the new lockup quickly increases legibility. The mark itself is also simplified/clarified: the reduced number of dots, in a variety of sizes, suggests action/movement. It will also reproduce better on small screens. The dots are used in animation and on the ends of straight lines in the branding to suggest a full stop or reaching a goal.

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