Tasty Rebrands

• Triple Co Roast is an open-access specialty coffee roaster in Bristol, England. Its mission is to roast high-quality beans, sourced through direct and fair trade with bean farmers, while focusing on roaster-to-customer relations. The three-fold mission statement inspired the company name.


The roaster recently worked with design firm Angel & Anchor to create a new brand that visually expressed these values. The designers created a new logo that was inspired by the three arms of the roaster machine, as well as the three core values. Green was chosen to represent the coffee plant, while blue represents the water used in brewing. Black could represent coffee and/or another, more mechanical service that the company provides, espresso machine repair.


A quirky, hand-drawn wordmark engages the eye like a puzzle or piece of art. It’s legible as the company name, but it requires the active engagement of the viewer.




• The Leibniz cookie design—52 “teeth” that form the shape of the treat, plus the brand name stamped on the cookie center—has remained unchanged since 1891. Design firm Auge continued that tradition with a refresh for the well-loved brand.


From the Auge website: “Regarding the new brand logo, we decided to keep the original rounded style and ‘baked’ it exactly the way biscuits are; therefore, the logo has smooth inktraps that [look like] the dough when it swells.


“We have built an architecture made of six different ranges where the biscuits are the ultimate hero, able to carry all the essential information. Macro photography has been taken for this project in order to massively enhance every single detail of the biscuits’ texture and make the flavor recognizable at first glance. The distinctive Leibniz yellow increases the wall impact on [the] shelf.”



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