The Sound of Mastercard

Jingles and other background brand audio aren’t anything new: broadcast media has been using them since their inception (particularly radio and now podcasts, where there usually isn’t a visual brand experience), and brands like Coca–Cola and McDonald’s commonly use a consistent although changeable sound backdrop.


As part of its new wordless identity system, Mastercard has introduced a “sonic identity” that will be used in a more deliberate way. For instance, when you make a successful purchase at the store, the credit card machine may play the Mastercard sound ID. Other brand assets that will share the attribute include musical scores in commercials, ring tones, hold music, and sound logos.



(You can listen to the soundtrack at


From a YouTube announcement by Mastercard about the sonic ID: “From the music you’ll hear in our commercials to the acceptance sound while shopping, our unique melody will reinforce our brand every time a consumer interacts with Mastercard. . . . From connected cars to voice–shopping, the modern way we live, shop, and pay continues to change and impact how we engage with the world around us, including the role of brands. Sound adds a new dimension to our brand identity.”


Learn more about the project at


Learn more about the legal aspects of sound identities at

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