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Pentagram partners Luke Powell, Jody Hudson-Powell, and Domenic Lippa have created a new identity for Virgin Money UK that aims to make banking feel friendlier, more approachable, and decidedly less scary. Bright colors, including Virgin’s signature red; a looping, bespoke sans serif typeface; and plenty of white space have produced a brand that looks nothing like other financial service brands.


From the Pentagram website: “Pentagram’s brief was to create a new identity that would create a positive association with the Virgin brand, but position Virgin Money firmly away from the often faceless, corporate look favored by most banks and financial services companies. The new identity needed to reflect its customer-focused approach to banking, which has digital at its core.”




In July 2020, insurance and investment giant Mutual of Omaha removed Native American imagery from its logo and seemed to be headed toward a wordmark-only logo.


But this month, the company replaced the chief image in the old design with the profile of a lion. The lion, long a familiar symbol of strength, references Mutual of Omaha’s long sponsorship of a popular wildlife television program, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.



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