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Crystal manufacturer Swarovski has literally set its signature swan in a new direction, symbolizing a new direction for the company’s business and creative focus. The redesigned swan also appears to be taking flight, although it is curiously boxed inside an octagonal, faceted shape. The octagonal shape is repurposed as a patterned branding element in stores and packaging.

Swarovski used an edelweiss flower as its logo or mark from the time the company was founded in 1895 until 1988, when a left-facing swan replaced the flower.



Like many car manufacturers who are promising to begin making or entirely transition over to making electric vehicles in the next decade, Peugeot has introduced a rebrand the company hopes will set the proper tone. The body of the brand’s familiar lion is no longer in the picture. Instead, the company has gone back to an approach first introduced in the 1960s, a less-intricate and more modern lion-head profile.


It’s the first rebrand for the 174-year-old company in the past 10 years. To see a complete history of Peugeot logos, see https://car-brand-names.com/peugeot-logo/



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