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Amazon’s new app icon for iOS takes a cue from Paul Rand’s classic string-wrapped UPS logo: good things come in our packages. The ubiquitous cardboard box, printed with Turner Duckworth’s Amazon smile and Amazon’s now-familiar blue tape, is a signal of a package you have been anticipating. The product itself becomes the brand.




&Walsh has created a new branding for Plenty, an indoor vertical farming company that grows fresh and nutritious produce. The new identity borrows a few tricks from notoriously unhealthy fast-food brands.


In addition to using rounded, friendly shapes and chunky letterforms, the new Plenty brand uses fast-food colors—namely, red and yellow— that studies have shown to make people feel hungry. Coincidentally, these bright colors also stand out well in the grocery’s packaged produce section. Competitors there mostly depend on greens and blues to indicate freshness.



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