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Lloydminster, a city of less than 32,000 citizens in Alberta, Canada, has a new visual identity for its soon-to-be-opened Museum and Archives. From the city’s website: “Intentionally abstract, the new identity provides space for various interpretations depending on the audience. The bold, intersecting lines are reminiscent of a roadmap, encouraging exploration and discovery. While the bright, neutral colours reflect the lakes, waterways, forests, and open prairies central to the natural history of our region.”



London’s Old War Office, now a hospitality and residential venue, has retained its name, OWO. Its visual identity is also built around its origins, from the design of its bespoke typeface—called 1906 in honor of the year the building was constructed— to its Morse code-inspired graphics.

The new visual system is mostly black, white, and gray, although a soft pink borrowed from the pink alabaster balustrade that surrounds the building’s two-story staircase, adds warmth and authenticity.


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