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One of the oldest and most important shrines in Japan has a refreshed identity, thanks to designers Yu Yamada and Kishino Shogo. The designers started with the name of the shrine, Shrine of the Clouds. They combined its official crest with cloud imagery to create a modern, captivating mark.




 Google marches on with redesigns of app and suite offerings, this time giving Google Pay a major overhaul to bring it more in line with other blue-green-yellow-red properties. The design is said by some to look like a wallet.



Studio Blackburn has created a new identity for The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co. The company has become known for its innovative Pinter, which allows the user to brew 10 pints of fresh beer or cider at home using refill ingredients that are also shipped directly to the home.

The design of the refill kits is especially smart, as they are slim enough to fit into a standard mailbox.


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