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Uncle Ben’s brand rice has been renamed Ben’s Original, and the portrait of Uncle Ben himself has been eliminated from the brand identity and packaging. The new wordmark has been modernized and deglossed, and the color system remains largely the same.

In addition to these changes (spurred on by recent and heated public demand), the parent company Mars Inc. has also committed to social change that will “enhance inclusion and equity,” including community outreach and meal programs as well as partnering with the National Urban League to offer scholarships to aspiring black chefs.




Smuckers is known for jams and jellies, but the J.M. Smuckers Co. also manufactures peanut butter, vegetable shortening, snacks, coffee, and pet products. So the 123-year-old company has introduced a new brand identity that is worlds away from its previous homespun look.


In the new design, a strawberry is preserved (pun intended), but other transparent and colorful forms are added to better represent the company’s full product portfolio. The new ID is also meant to attract younger talent to the company.

Rick Barrack, chief creative officer of CBX, the agency that helped design the new logo and website, says, “The new identity uses the familiar strawberry to anchor the mark, a pivot point to convey change and the movement of shapes to express the future.” 



The popular beer brand Tecate has a new brand identity and packaging plan, courtesy of Elmwood New York. The agency was charged with changing the perception of the brand from traditional and expected—it is the second most popular beer in Mexico—to modern and relevant. In other words, they needed to attract new and younger consumers with alienating the old ones.

The design team made the brand’s iconic eagle much bolder and stripped back other unnecessary elements. “We needed to shift the narrative beyond product—to an attitude encapsulating Tecate’s unapologetic boldness and modern masculinity,” explains Meg Beckum, executive creative director at Elmwood NY.



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