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  • Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv has developed a new global brand mark for broadcast channel Animal Planet, replacing a dated all-type logo that did not work well in all applications.

    “Building on Animal Planet’s original mark, the new leaping elephant is fresh and distinctive, and should be able to travel across platforms, audiences and the world,” said Sagi Haviv, partner, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv.

    Adaptive logos

    Read and see more here.

  • Fast Company has a new look, inside and out. Creative director Mike Schnaidt comments on the new logo in a Fast Company article: “The wisdom of the Fast Company brand is achieved visually through the extreme vertical contrast of our new letterforms, a strong characteristic of neoclassical typefaces. The new logo is modernized through the sharp triangular terminals on the letters, a technological achievement not possible in the earlier days of old-style serif type, which is what the original Fast Company logo was modeled after.”

    Adaptive logos

    Adaptive logos

    Read more details here.

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