Noshable Identities

• Gelato brand Sweet Cheeks has a new identity created by design firm Bravo. The letterforms in the new wordmark are organic in shape, symbolizing the soft creaminess of gelato.

The brand’s flavors are imaginative and evocative. To express the flavors in the visual identity and further spark the consumer’s imagination, the Bravo design team worked AI-generated landscapes into product packaging.


• “Fast-fine” delivery service Wonder, which home-delivers food from 30 celebrated restaurants in the New York City and New Jersey area, has a new identity created by design firm Mrs&Mr.

The new wordmark’s lettering leans into a long tradition of restaurants using script faces in their identities. The brand’s dark green color was selected to not clash with the 30 other brands it delivers.


“We created a system that lives up to the brand’s name to create a feeling of unexpected surprise and delight in a category that underwhelms and underdelivers,” explains Mrs&Mr founder Kate Wadia.


• NYC bagel brand H&H is going national, so it called in design firm High Tide to revamp its identity, which, unfortunately, has been often imitated by competitors. In order to create a more ownable identity, the designers created a new logo with custom lettering that retained the original logo’s personality.

The type suite includes the logo’s sans serif as well as a serifed face and a modern script that elegantly recalls the previous H&H logo.

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