New Wetlands ID Takes Flight

Wildfowl & Wetland’s Trust (WWT) has been protecting wetlands and their residents since 1946 when the organization was founded by Sir Peter Scott. Scott also created many illustrations of wetland birds, but his much-loved drawing of two Bewick swans taking flight had formed the core of WWT’s identity until recently, when design agency GOOD helped create a new plan.

Pete Snell, GOOD’s associate creative director, explains the WWT’s new logo and identity. “We delved into the archives to give the original mark a new lease of life. Re-drawing a single swan created a more confident symbol and is better adapted for digital surroundings. The direction and flight of the swan reflect wetlands leading the way. This is locked up with a new WWT wordmark [whose shape echoes] the bending tributaries of wetland waterways.”

Complementing the new identity is a palette that shares the colors of the wetlands: marsh, marsh marigold, swan, mangrove, sky, cuckoo flower, water, and sunset.

Powerful photography and videography convey the wonder, beauty, and complexity of the wetlands, which can help viewers get to know spaces that they may never have seen in person.

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