New Streaming Identities

• Fox-owned streaming service Tubi is known as a free (ad-funded) rabbit hole of eclectic movies and TV shows. Its growing audience of younger viewers has never had cable or is quickly moving away from it. Design firm Dixon Baxi has rebranded the service with the goals of being bold and familiar, yet unexpected.

The new branding uses a chunky bespoke typeface and a bold purple and yellow scheme. In the wordmark, the dot on the “i” is re-tasked as the crossbar on the “t”. It’s a subtle design decision that and also serves as the aforementioned rabbit hole in other aspects of the service’s marketing.


• Dixon Baxi also recently created a new identity for Freely, a free streaming service that allows UK viewers to watch live broadcast TV over the internet. The theme for the new identity is cheeky, modern, and expressive. The designers also wanted to express the warm feeling of gathering with loved ones to watch TV.

From those descriptors came a suite of emotive faces—including the one used in Freely’s new logo—each simply formed by two dots and a line. Those icons can express any emotion that TV can evoke. According to DB senior designer Jas Welsh, “It all started with a cheeky little face on a post-it note; it's an identity with personality. The real kind, shifting from sunny to sad to shocked to in stitches at the press of a button.”

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