Johnnie Walker Has a New Walk

Johnny Walker on a Billboard

Johnnie Walker has long been known as your father’s scotch, or your father’s father’s scotch, certainly not a brand for women or young people. A new campaign issued by brand owner Diageo North America aims to capture the profound heritage of the product while sending it back out into the world with a distinctly edgier and more vibrant jaunt.

Johnny Walker Classic Logo

The character of the “walking man” has a long history (enjoy his evolution at Now, he is set into rippled motion, as if viewed through a finger of drink; he is show exiting stage right at a clip and repeated as a pattern that accompanies the catch-phrase “Keep Walking.” Bright environmental graphics and pop-up scotch kiosks will aim to bring the liquor out of dim, leather-encased rooms and out into the world where it can be enjoyed a social and drink mixer, not simply neat.

Johnny Walker Label

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