Hudson Rebrands as Destination

Hudson's New Logo

Siegel + Gale has created a new identity for Hudson, a company that began as a newsstand in LaGuardia Airport and now has become a “Traveler’s Best Friend,” with more than 1,000 stores in airports, commuter hubs, landmarks, and tourist locations.

Hudson’s ubiquitous presence has, over 30 years, necessitated a brand refresh. No longer just part of the airport scenery where travelers can pick up a quick snack or magazine, the company now offers restaurants, luxury storefronts, duty-free shops and more. In effect, they have become a destination, not just a pass-through point.

Hudson's Old Logo

Siegel + Gale’s senior designer Fernada Canellas explains the new four-block identity concept: “The new logo captures how its myriad strengths combine to make Hudson a whole far greater than the sum of its parts—and helps highlight Hudson’s distinctive assets: its people, brands, locations, and, most importantly, its authentic understanding of travelers and their experience. The visual identity works as a fluid, modular asset, ideal for showcasing the brands that Hudson shares with travelers—the delightful surprises they have in store—in new and unexpected ways. The color palette helps Hudson stand out from its competitors. The team chose vastly more diverse and colorful expressions for Hudson’s brand communications: just enough options to keep things feeling fresh, yet coherent. Using the logo as a supergraphic helps support the idea of how integral Hudson is to the traveler’s experience, by appearing as a window framing the most memorable moments in travelers’ journeys, and their end destinations.”

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