How are you really?

The Mental Health Coalition has a new identity created by Pentagram that uses the convention of a square peg in a round hole to explore what is “normal” when it comes to the full spectrum of mental health. 

From the design firm’s website: “Pentagram has created a brand identity for the Mental Health Coalition that centers on a “square peg in a round hole” to represent that there is no ‘normal’ when it comes to mental health and that everybody fits. The Coalition is introducing the icon in the hopes that it will become the global symbol for mental health. The mark also appears in the branding Pentagram created for ‘How Are You, Really?,’ a digital storytelling platform that encourages individuals to share their experiences, start conversations and open up about their issues.... The identity’s distinctive typography (set in Druk) immediately makes campaign messaging recognizable as part of the Coalition. A bright, modern color palette suggests the broad spectrum of mental health conditions and captures a sense of optimism and hope.”

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