Hartford Public Library Rebrand

Founded 250 years ago, the Hartford Public Library is celebrating its birthday with a complete rebrand. At this writing, the name of the designer/design firm who created the plan has not been shared.

The new design has many meanings: on the surface, the three parts of the logo look like books on a shelf. But the logo also mimics the shape of its main facility as it exists on the Hartford city skyline. The center shape can be seen as a bridge, an apt symbol for any library that connects people with knowledge. When the logo is made into a open shape, it serves as a window behind which any photo can be inserted.


The new design comes complete with a full set of icons that use the same colors as the core mark: light blue, red, orange, purple, and white. The icons are largely built from blocky, geometric shapes and gives the library the ability to zero in specific activities and services.



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