Feedback as a Brand Asset

According to its website, since 2007, Trustpilot has served as a free and open online review community that connects businesses and consumers through genuine feedback from consumers and their buying and service experiences. Reviews provide positive and negative feedback, but inside that range is an entire spectrum of nuance. For example, “Not what we ordered, but it was a delicious mistake,” or “Even my two-year-old can use it.”

Embracing all responses is what makes Trustpilot both neutral and unique, and design firm Barkas leaned into this in the client’s new identity. A star-rating system is familiar to all consumers, and Barkas gave the star—an element in the client’s previous identity system as well—a much higher profile in the new branding, animating it, using it in patterning, and more. The designers also added a bespoke typeface, Trustpilot Display, to give the brand more distinction. Reviews are also assigned colors—red for one- or two-star reviews, yellow for three-stars, and green for four- or five star reviews—to increase reading comprehension.

The new identity emphasizes that reviews are not only helpful for consumers, but also for businesses as a means for improvement. Trustpilot’s new messaging stresses that all feedback is valuable, as is its service of receiving and delivering feedback.

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