British Land Identity Blooms

Dixon Baxi created a new logo for British Land, a large UK property and investment company, in late 2022. That logo borrowed the head-and-shoulders outline of the figure of Britannia and used it as a frame that contained imagery that represented various British Land properties and locations.

Today, Dixon Baxi has expanded the identity for its client’s London campuses, which emphasize workspaces and support for science and technology clients using “the beauty of macro photography in cellular structures, genetic engineering, and nature,” according to the design firm’s website. Instead of framing the world, the Britannia figure is now immersed in it.

More explanation from the Dixon Baxi website: “The new identity celebrates the convergence of life, science, and people to create an inviting, tactile experience. Where lab providers have grown synonymous with cold, sterile stock imagery, we consciously strode in the other direction, bringing in immersive, abstract visuals with an air of organic creativity. The brand constantly refreshes and excites, bringing warmth to an otherwise sleek and mechanized world. Fitting for a venture that resolves around creating not just workspace, but communities.”

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