First Impressions of Book 11 Submissions Revealed!

Wondering how your Book 11 submissions were received by our judges? We spoke to two of our panelists, the amazing and mega-talented Jeroen Van Eerden and Jay Fletcher, about the logos uploaded. Here’s what they had to say:

Adaptive logos

From Jeroen Van Eerden:

“This year’s submissions for the LL book issue 11 had an incredible amount of mind-blowing logos and such unique approaches to similar industries. I’m feeling truly privileged to be part of this voting process.”

“In my eyes, a winning design always includes a perfect balance of color, a well thought out sense of style, and a concept that doesn’t feel forced. I love monogram designs and prefer to always see a mark next to the typography, so I can get a sense of the complete identity.”

Adaptive logos

From Jay Fletcher:

“I was impressed by the amount of simple, functional solutions. Pure marks. There were obviously a lot of beautiful trendier logos as well, but I was surprised to see so much straightforward, classic, iconic work.”

Adaptive logos

LogoLounge founder and designer Bill Gardner also gave his impressions:

“Looking at the marks that have been scored highly for Book 11, I can see some tremendous diversity. It’s probably a very fair reflection of the diversity of our judges, and helps to prove that the works most successful are not identified by a style, but for strength of concept.”

“Judges have shared with me that the level of skill and design that they’re seeing is becoming broader and stronger. This was as strong a group of submissions as we’ve ever had to select from and so deep. As we creep up on 300K logos on LogoLounge, I hope our members remember they have access to every single entry the judges reviewed.”

If these quotes don’t get you excited about Book 11’s release, we don’t know what will …

Stay tuned early 2019, as we’ll start notifying LogoLounge winners. Our fingers are crossed for you!

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