Bibendum Gets New Traction

Old vs. New logo

Bibendum, aka The Michelin Man, has been rescued from cartoon-land (where he was starting to look like a 1990 Teenage Mutant Turtle) and resurrected as a much simpler line drawing. Since about 2000, the tire-man has lived as a super-hero-like 3-D rendering; however, the 2-D rendition will live much more comfortably online.

3-D Michelin

The new trademark is called “Bib in the World.” By the end of 2017, Michelin will have two logos, one for the group brand and one for the sales side of the company. No word yet on which this design will represent.

Old Sales Poster

For the full story of Bibendum, including some rather terrifying images of him as a tire zombie, see the fantastic LogoDesignLove article at

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