A Timeless, not Timed-out Identity

Saga is a UK organization that specializes in providing products and services for people over 50, including cruises, holidays, home and vehicle insurance, and investment and savings plans. Its new brand campaign, titled, “Experience is Everything,” is tied to a new visual identity, created by design studio SomeOne. As a whole, the revamps focus on positive, new experiences, not aging.

It includes subtle references to the concept of quality that is normally related to words like “classic” and “vintage.” This is conveyed by visual notes such as marbling, typography that follows the lines of formal ironwork, and timeless balance in design. The various notes of blue used in the plan, especially a fresh blue-sky blue, suggest peace, good weather, and smooth sailing on calm waters.

The goal is to convey themes that bring “instant association with high-quality items that are made with care, and made to last,” says SomeOne senior designer Ian Dawson.


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