A New Classical

Classical music can often be considered fusty, dusty, and not really must-see. And in the age of Covid, where live performance is not possible, live symphony performances of classical music could easily have become irrelevant.

The San Francisco Symphony, a 108-year-old institution with a tradition of keeping itself relevant, reached out to COLLINS to underscore its role as a vital community partner. Collaborating with musicians, audiences, staff, and symphony leadership, COLLINS experimented with new technologies to create a new kind of symphonic identity that is both sonic and visual. The new branding shares the real emotional value of music.

From the COLLINS website: “Starting with traditional typography that speaks to the artform’s heritage—we used responsive and variable font technology to add an unexpected contemporary behavior—giving each typographic character the ability to immediately change form in reaction to sound and music. We also crafted a more expressive voice the juxtaposes the timeless formality of black and white with a contemporary palette inspired by the unique colors and landscape of the Bay Area.”

Experience the client’s new Symphosizer tool at http://syphosizer.wearecollins.com.


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