An ID that fits to a T

For 30 years, Swiss tourism was represented by a golden flower known as the Goldblume—but it was a symbol that says very little about the country. That identity has been replaced by an icon embedded in the country’s name: the letter “t” in the name has been replaced with the Swiss cross, which is on the county’s flag. Even if a viewer knows nothing about the flag, however, he or she probably would recognized the cross-in-square design as the same mark that is on the Swiss army knife.

From a press release on the project: “Instead of the letter T, a Swiss cross in the ‘Switzerland’ brand symbolizes the trustworthy origins and radiates the optimism of the Swiss destination. But the symbolic cross goes far beyond just a national flag: it was expanded and given a so-called ‘color tone’ of five different shades of red, a symbol of modernity, diversity and independence.” The identity was created by Zurich-based brand firm MADE.

The new plan definitely makes good use of the country’s natural resources. Sweeping photographs of Switzerland’s natural beauty are overprinted with the new wordmark, and truly nothing much more needs to be said. The icon can also be used alone or without its bounding box, ideal for smaller applications.

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