A Head Above

Old vs. New Logo

Giraffe, a world food restaurant with 52 sites mostly in the UK, has since its founding in 1998 been popular with families, who enjoy the establishments mosly during the day. Company owners wanted to keep that satisfied customer base but also attract a completely different audience of evening diners.



The design firm Ragged Edge developed a new tagline for the client—Taste a Whole New World—and renamed the chain Giraffe World Kitchen. RE designers built an authentic new voice for the restaurants based on the hand-lettered signage so common in restaurants around the world, creating a range of hand-lettered typefaces. The updated logo plays off the “giraffe’s unique ability to raise its head above the trees in search of new discoveries,” according to the RE website.

brand concept


The identity’s color palette is fresh and clean. It lets the delectable food photography take the lead role as it shares stories about Giraffe’s dishes.

 Outside and Signage

Read more behind the new identity here.

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