Logo Rewind Book

A new book, Logo Rewind, shares what may be some of the oldest logos in the world.

Editor Darren Leader has collected more than 200 trademarks—literally, marks made by tradespeople to identify their wares—from between the 13th and 17th centuries.

Paula Scher Insights

Learn from an insightful article with Paula Scher on her work and beliefs, formed during her 50 years in the identity design business.

From the Creative Bloq article, Scher says, “The goal in identity design is to be recognized and understood. And if you’ve got a logo where people do that, never change it. You can tweak it, but don’t change it.”

Landor Rebrand

Landor & Fitch has rebranded as simply Landor.

The inspiration behind the new design springs from the theme of water. Landor’s first office was a retired ferryboat docked in San Francisco Bay.