Despite its name, British supermarket chain Co-op has struggled with helping its members understand that they are indeed, members of a cooperative. The name had become so ubiquitous since the organization’s founding in 1844 that it had lost its original meaning.

Design firm SomeOne refreshed the iconic brand by breaking it into five pieces called “membershapes.” The individual pieces symbolize individual members.

SomeOne’s creative director Shaun Turnbull, explains.”[The role of the pieces] is to hero Co-op’s individuality and bring its differentiating qualities to life. It also has another role, a role to help the brand flex in multi-channel communications; this is something the brand has struggled with from what we heard when speaking with key stakeholders. [The membershapes can serve] as a window, a holding device, a pattern, a graphic device or a piece of storytelling.”

The shapes also can be extended to bring other Co-op offerings, including funeral, legal, and insurance services, under the parent branding.