Crash Test Dummy-Company Rebrands

Parent company Safety Technology Holdings, an organization best known for manufacturing crash test dummies, has been renamed Humanetics to better represent all of its holdings, which now include fiber optics, sensors, precision lasers, and photonic systems.

With its new name comes a new brand identity. The new logo is meant to represent the waves that the company’s products measure. Lin Pan, marketing manager for Humanetics, explains their concept in a press release. “Waves represent how atoms, light, sound and energy behave in motion. Our engineering expertise enables our customers to measure, predict, control and harness these forces. So our technologies, represented by the waves in the new logo, empower customers to measure and better control the world around them.”

A simple palette of colors allows each holding to appear distinct yet tethered to the main brand. The typeface Brandon Grotesque also ties the entire system together.




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