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LogoLounge is the ultimate resource for logo and identity designers on the web. Here, you'll find thousands of logos for study and inspiration, designs from leading agencies as well as from talented up-and-comers. Research established directions, then discover exciting new paths for your own work.

At LogoLounge, you'll find out who's designing what for whom. You can keep pace with trends and even better, prove that you're one of the trendsetters: Submit your own work and become a vital part of the ongoing discussion. You can even use the site to mark your designs' date of creation.

In addition to the site's extensive research capabilities, you can:

  • Check out what top identity designers are thinking about, struggling with, and working on in Featured Designer.
  • Know about trends the moment they take shape.
  • Be among the first to get to know talented young designers in Up and Coming.
  • Get a completely overhauled perspective when well-known designers take over the keyboard in Guest Editorial.

// Search

Here, you'll find thousands of strong and thought-provoking logo designs, thoroughly cross referenced and available for your study in seconds. Search the extensive database by keyword, designer, client, industry or time frame.

Search Results

After you have searched for a logo you can either view the logo or add it to your lightbox.

View Logo

When you click the view link below a logo, a new window opens with details and a close up view of the logo.

// Trend Boxes

Like the Lightboxes you're accustomed to using, these virtual storage spaces put you in the driver's seat as you organize and keep track of logo collections. But rather than sources of inspiration, Trendboxes will help you and the design community identify and track ... well, trends.

Identify Trends in Search Results

As you look through the logos in your different search results, you might spot a trend forming. If you spot one, click the trend arrow under the logo and add it as a new trend, or to an existing trend you've identified. If the trend you've identified is on the mark, it might be featured in a future trend article along with your name as the one who identified it!

View Trend Boxes

In the main menu you'll notice the Trends menu item. From here you can see what you and others have identified as trends. If you agree, say so! If you have something to add, feel free to leave a comment.

// Lightbox

Your lightbox allows you to save collections of logos for reference. Multiple lightboxes lets you organize your collections into difference categories.

Manage Lightbox

The lightbox manager allows you to delete logos or move them from one lightbox to another.

// Submit

Your LogoLounge account lets you upload an unlimited amount of logos. All submitted logos will automatically become canidates for being featured in one of our LogoLounge books.

Uploading Logos:

On the SUBMIT page, you can upload your logos to LogoLounge. By clicking the "BROWSE" button you can locate your file on your hard drive. Enter the name of the general industry this client is in. You may enter more than one if needed. For example: sports, manufacturing, entertainment, restaurant, design, shoes, etc.


Type in the information applying to your logo: Name, Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, etc.

Types of Logos:

  • Symbol - logo with just a mark
  • Typographic - A wordmark primarily using type rather than a symbol
  • Combo - A logo containing both type elements and graphics (a mark)


Enter descriptive words relating to the logo you are submitting. Click SUBMIT, and your logo is ready to be viewed!