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The Story I’m David. Graduated Art and Design College back in 2015, I’ve started Hivetex Studio to help people out with timeless logos and kickass brands. I’m a simple, yet efficient person, hard worker, and really interested in art. The “Why” behind Hivetex Being a freelance logo and brand designer, with over 6 years of experience in the field, I’ve worked with a lot of startups and bigger companies as well, helping them out develop strong visual identities for their brands. I mainly focus on logos and brand identity projects, but I also love doing illustrations. But enough with me. Allow me to share a “golden nugget” to you, a super important tip that I’ve learned over the years: Don’t treat your logo as a picture, because a logo is much more than that. A logo is a graphic reflection of the core values you embrace, it also reflects your company’s personality and your vision for the future. That’s why, if you choose me, at the end of each project I ensure every logo will have its own identity and a story to tell. I would love hearing from you! Hit me up at:

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