LogoLounge Book 12 call for entry now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted, making up our largest entry pool yet of over 40,000 logos! The judging process is underway and winners will be notified shortly. Join Today! Upload Now!

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LogoLounge is the largest logo design competition of its kind. We receive so many incredible submissions every year that LogoLounge Book 12 will now hold 3,000 logos. Making it our largest logo design volume in history!

One of the most prestigious identity design competitions across the globe is underway. Of the thousands of logos uploaded, only the top 3,000 logos will make the cut. Winning logos will be published in one of the most distinguished collections in the industry, LogoLounge Book 12.

Book 12 Jury Members

Lincoln Design Co.
Mackey Saturday
Hey Studio
Blind and The Futur
Logo Inspirations
Rule 29
Pragmatika Design

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Questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us at info@logolounge.com.

About LogoLounge Book 12

LogoLounge is the best selling logo design book series on the planet. Juried by a panel of 10 logo design giants and geniuses, only the world’s top logos make the cut. Winning logos will be published in the much anticipated Logolounge Book 12 and join a group of the most highly respected identity designers in the industry.

Our last book was full of amazing talent. Check out the LogoLounge Book 11 highlights.

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