Year-end Recaps and Predictions

Dezeen shares what its staff believes are the most high-profile rebrands of 2021. The list includes Peugeot, Burger King, Meta, the CIA, The Moholy-Nagy Foundation, The White House, MIDI, Volvo, Inter-Milan (featured above), and GM.

• Siegel&Gale offers a wide range of think pieces and studies on its website, including a new article on how the pandemic has made consumers crave simpler brands. The article includes a list of what their surveys show to be the Top 10 World Simplest Brands and the Top 10 U.S Simplest Brands.

• This Design Week article shares how 2021 was a year that saw renewed client confidence, design studio growth and diversification, increased levels of social and sustainable design, and new recruitment challenges for many consultancies.

• “Finding focus in a world of volatility is going to be much harder,” writes brand strategist Ryan Stone in this Forbes article. How will brand building change in the wake of COVID? Points 1, 2, and 3 in this opinion piece will not be news to any LogoLounge member, but points 4 and 5—hype cycles demand faster product cycles, and promote togetherness, respectively—do offer food for thought.


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