Two Personalities, One Logo

Founded by Donal Morphy—a product engineer—and Charles Richard—a salesman— Morphy Richards has been designing and selling consumer appliances since 1936. Although it has become a global company, its market share was slipping. So it partnered with Otherway in 2021 to create an entirely new brand message built on the motto, “Happiness Engineered.”

Otherway brought in lettering artist Alec Tear to create two different fonts, both of which would be used in the new logotype. The Morphy font takes cues from the original logo and represents the more staid engineering side of the business. The Richards font represents the side of the salesman: it has more personality and verve. Melding the two faces neatly expresses the company’s form and function-based brand promise: to make home life easier and happier.

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