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• Leveraging a heritage company’s history to rebrand and hopefully improve that organizations future can be a ticklish task. As any identity designer knows, customers usually hate change, and the longer the stretch of time since the last update, the more they are pained.

In this opinion piece, the head of brand and digital communication at Oxford University Press shares tips on how she helped guide the 500-year-old publisher and its customers to a rebrand and new opportunities.

(For more on the Oxford project, created with the help of Superunion, see

• In the past, singing the national anthem before the start of a sporting match worked well as a branding tool that created a sense of unity among fans. If music is the language of the heart, what more powerful branding tool could there be?


Today, not everyone feels that such anthems represent them well, as an athlete or as a citizen, and there have been boycotts. Some teams and individual players refuse to take part in traditional songs and are looking for new words and music with which to unite their fans.

• Apple has woven many start-up, shut-down, error, alert and operational sounds into its products, and they have all become emblematic of the brand, easily recognizable by consumers. The now-20-year-old iPod introduced a sound element like no other: scroll-clicking heralded a completely new customer experience as well as an enormous leap forward for the brand.

In this Creative Review essay, learn how Apple has been using sonic branding to its advantage for literally decades.

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