The Identity that was Already There

The new identity for ancient Norwich Castle, created by The Click, is so gracefully simple and elegantly executed that it is instantly iconic, as if it was always in the air. The building itself told the designers what to do.

Construction on this site initially began in 1067. Since then, the location has been a fortification, a palace, a prison, and it’s now a museum and art gallery in the midst of an £13m revamp. Click designers began by quizzing the local public on their awareness of the castle.


From the design firm’s website: “We challenged members of the public to draw a picture of the castle purely from memory. We armed them with a pen and post-it note, giving them just ten seconds to complete the task. The results were hugely informative and in turn very much guided our thinking and creative execution.”

Click’s solution was formed on the simple cube shape of the Normal keep. The crenellation at the top of the building provides a graphic pattern that can be used as a frame, border, or edge.

More from the website: “The geometry of the core brand logo directly informs a unique (nine column) grid system—referencing the number of merlons on each aspect of the castle... The entire design system is modular and largely formed by squares which in turn provides a simple, easy-to-use and coherent format for wider templates and applications.”

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