The Head, Heart, Eye, and Hand of a Brand

Oxfam Intermón is the Spain-based arm of Oxfam International, a global organization that works to end the injustice of poverty. The group wanted to increase its organizational transparency; unite different populations to support its efforts; and stress its role as an energetic and effective NGO.

The creative team at Summa worked to accomplish these goals by developing a simple set of icons and colors that supported the four visual pillars of the Oxfam brand:

• an eye symbol, which represents the organization’s watchdog status,

• a heart shape, to communicate the organization’s humanitarian soul,

• a head outline to symbolize intelligence and problem-solving, and

• a hand shape to represent practical solutions and the ability to execute.

The four sets of visuals can be used or alone or together in different combinations to support text messaging. But the simplicity of the symbols and their strong colors easily communicate the organization’s goals without words.

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