After many years of planning, corporate identity designer and LogoLounge founder Bill Gardner has created a book that speaks to the magic of design and provides a glimpse into the designer's creed. Gardner puts logo designers directly in touch with strong mentors who speak candidly about the processes that lead to successful designs. Designers including Miles Newlyn, Jerry Kuyper, Felix Sockwell, Von Gitschka, Sherwin Schwartzrock, Paul Howalt, Brian Miller, David Airey plus many more, including Gardner himself, share their sketches, brainstorms, false starts, and most successful techniques.

You'll learn how to navigate the discovery process—how to research, read the air for clues, make best use of budgets, know what sort of mark to create. From there, you will move into development, where you will see how to develop the most potent ideas, brainstorm effectively by yourself or with others, learn to recognize the components of great logos, and understand how to distill ideas down to the very best solution. Finally, you will move into the delivery process, where you will learn how to build brand DNA, how to craft presentations for specific situations and clients, how to tell the brand story, and how to keep your designs vital and alive even after they leave your hands.

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