DesignStudio’s new identity for WorldFirst, a financial tech firm, has no central logo. Instead, it is based on a kit of parts that work together to easily identify the client in any language and culture.


One piece of the kit is “the stream,” which is a visual representation of the world’s 24-hour-a-day, constantly refreshing stream of information. In the new identity, sometimes the stream is in motion, like a ticker. Sometimes it is static, appearing to have been paused in mid-message.

Stationary and Book

Another part of the kit is an ellipse. Although it is the graphical part of the identity, it is not a logo: instead, it suggests the same continuity of information that the aforementioned stream does. Action photos of people and cities are also part of the mix, as are bold color combinations using a set palette. The apparent goal of the new system seems to be creating a familial identity—each new member carrying a strong resemblance to the other family members—rather than producing clones or even strict uniformity.

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