That FridaysÂ’ Feeling

TGI Fridays’ has a new identity, courtesy of SomeOne, that brings the chain back to its 1960s roots and what its owners call “The Fridays’ Feeling.” Gone is “TGI,” an abbreviation that has lost its meaning over time and which can be easily misappropriated. The entire new identity focuses on a snappier presence, from menu length to photography.


The logo’s shape was inspired by the company’s original signage, and the bold red and white striping is a holdover from its history as well. From SomeOne’s website: “In addition to the logo, we’ve also gone back to the brand’s roots with the use of vertical stripes (which were inspired by the Barnum and Bailey circus). The original awnings of the 1965 bar used bold vertical stripes, something that had been diluted with the modern inclusion of angles and textures. The bold new vertical stripes [...] can be flexed to play either a significant visual role or more of a subtle detail.”


Testing proved that the marquee shape from the original signage was the most recognizable element of that system. So that shape was streamlined and brought back to contain the restaurant’s new name. The logo can be condensed into a single F symbol, also surrounded with the marquee shape, when needed for online and other small applications.



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