Tech Brand Updates

Survey Monkey was founded 20 years ago as an easy-to-use online survey tool, but its managers soon learned that users were not just using it to schedule meetings. Instead, people were employing the product as a creative and business management tool. Over time, as terms like “user experience” and “information management” were born, Survey Monkey grew into a sector leader.

To better fit its expanded portfolio of offerings, it now has a new name, Momentive. Survey Monkey will be retained as the name of the now-familiar online survey tool. Also, the company has kept green as the core color of its brand palette. What is now called Heritage Green is formed by the intersection of a rounded yellow shape—representing people—and a blue triangle, which represents technology.



ComLaude, a UK-based domain services provider, has been rebranded by Designhouse. Its old logo, a somewhat conventional globe of dots, has been replaced by dots with mercury-like connections that symbolize the connections the company helps create for customers.

The new brand not only has more personality and verve, its warm brand palette of cranberry, peach, and watermelon stands out from competitors’ brands, which are mostly blue and green.

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