Taxi Boosts Minute Maid Presence

Old vs. new wordmark

In an effort to help consumers navigate a very crowded drinks/juice market, Minute Maid and brand owner Coca-Cola worked with the design agency Taxi to build a color-coded brand architecture that easily explains how each Minute Maid product is different from its siblings as well as what its base benefit is.

Minute Maid

  • Essentials, branded with a green stroke at its packaging’s midsection, includes familiar Minute Maid products such as 100 percent orange, apple, or grape juices.
  • Nutri-Boost products are nutrition-enhanced, such as flavored, fortified milks. These have a peachy-pink stroke.
  • Refresh products include lemonade and other perhaps less-nutritious soft drinks. They carry a blue stroke.
  • Delight products are lower-sugar drinks, and they carry a yellow-orange stroke.

Essentials and Nutri-Boost

Refresh and Delight

The Minute Maid wordmark has been redrawn to make a much bolder and solid punch out of the brand’s signature brand color, black. Its centered convention has been maintained, as has a rolling hill or wave or ribbon stroke device that was used in the previous identity (created by Duffy & Company). Serifs in the new design are rounded and modern.

Colorful fruit definitely is the hero in every packaging design, and black plays a much larger role. The new designs will be rolled out worldwide in 2017.

Read more about the new wordmark here.

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