Tasteful New Identities

“We’re at an inflection point,” says Manolo Arroyo, chief marketing officer for the Coca-Cola Company. “The last 18 months have disrupted every aspect of life and presented us with a once-in-a-generation choice to go back to a binary, black-and-white way of seeing the world or help make the world a better place. ‘Real magic’ is about creating a movement to choose a more human way of doing things by embracing our unique perspectives.”




Lunchbox, which provides the technology engine for online restaurant ordering, has a new brand identity, courtesy of Studio Freight. Lunchbox was fortuitously founded in 2019, right before pandemic times began, and its sudden growth demanded a more grown-up identity.


The Lunchbox brand is built on a bespoke typeface, as well as bold illustrations and colors. The quirky characters in the new typeface each have distinct but not discordant personalities. Lunchbox serves many different sorts of clients, from ghost kitchens to historic brick-and-mortar establishments, so it needed a very relatable identity.


Aaron Marks, partner and design director at Studio Freight, explains the goal of the system. “It was designed to represent the intersection of Lunchbox's technology and unapologetic point of view—own it all yourself and be yourself.”



Catsup and mustard doodles play a delightful role in a new brand identity for Manhattan-based Crif Dogs, an irreverent hot dog hot-spot. The branding was created by Design Bridge New York. The new identity has street artist flair, with plenty of action photography overlaid with condiment graffiti. The logo itself is basic black and white.




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