Symphony Conveys Music Through Motion

New Logo

Working with The Partners, the London Symphony Orchestra has refreshed its identity by literally visualizing the sounds of the group as conveyed by its conductor and as captured by sensors attached to said conductor.

Single Visual

With sensors attached to his back, arms, and hands, and 12 motion-capture cameras directed at him, the conductor’s movements were recorded as he directed different types of music. Varying motions created very different visuals. A quieter piece of music produced smoke-like billows, while bolder music creates sharp, angular abstract art. Color and lighting are also used to suggest the emotion of the music.


The LSO’s main logo—an acronym-based design also created by The Partners in 2004, representing the shape of a conductor lifting his baton—will remain a key part of the brand, while the motion graphics will change each season, based on the pieces being performed. (Visuals from

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