Sustaining Sustainable Business

Kikin is an unusual financial services company: its model supports sustainable businesses that are often seen by other backers as high risk and therefore not eligible for funding. Kikin’s core idea is “Move Together,” as in, if you give good, you get good back. Koto Studio built on this idea in Kikin’s new identity.


The finance world traditionally presents as unemotional. Kikum’s new brand brings in the colorful, natural world through photography that shows humans in the outdoors. Another touch that suggests both outdoor activity and personal achievement are Scout badge-like patches that reiterate Kikin core principals such as “Put Planet First,” “Work Together,” and “Change the World.”

The Kikin wordmark, a steady ribbon of upper- and lowercase letters, suggests consistency and level judgment. The company’s icon is a letter K borrowed from the wordmark. Animated, the K becomes a character that reflects the people that Kikin supports.


From the Koto website: “The Kikin brand is built around the idea of harmony between people and planet underpinned by a club-like visual language. We brought a sense of depth to the brand with a bespoke illustration style inspired by clubs that put the outdoors first and make you want to be a part of the community.”

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